New Neon Pink retractable flat dog leash

flexi New Neon Flexline. The sides of the handle are covered with neon-colored reflectors for better visibility. Chrome-plated carabiner. The leash is equipped with the...

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kg: XS, Max 12 kg dog

XS, Max 12 kg dog
S, Max 15 kg dog
M, Max 25 kg dog
L, Max 50 kg dog

length: 3 meters

3 meters
5 meters
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flexi New Neon Flexline.

  • The sides of the handle are covered with neon-colored reflectors for better visibility. Chrome-plated carabiner.
  • The leash is equipped with the patented, one-handed brake system, so you can partly control the dog and partly regulate the length of the leash.
  • The line can be equipped with a Multibox for treats and dog bags.
  • Available for different dog sizes and
  • with different line lengths.

Flexi Linen is a smart line that rolls out.

FLEXI New Classic leash is 3m or 5m long, and is available for 3 sizes: Max 12 kg, Max 15 kg and Max 50 kg dog.

Pay attention when you buy flexi line that it fits the dog's weight...

and note how long it is, should it be 3 meters, 5 meters or 8 meters?

Flexi has many different models, the New Classic series is a novelty that you can buy smart practical things for, a light that sits on the line holder and a hem-hem bag/treat holder (you have to choose whether you want the holder to be one or the other).

Note the difference:

• 3 m leash length (suitable for dogs, cats and small animals up to 12 kg and has a one-handed brake system) i.e. you can NOT get any extra things on size flexi XS.

• 5 m leash length (suitable for dogs up to 15 kg (S) or 50 kg (M/L) Can be extended with Multi Box and LED light, one-handed brake system, as well as Reflective bite piece and chrome-plated hook)

You must also consider whether you want the line that rolls out to be round or flat.

It is good for all those who can control their dog in terms of walking nicely, as it can otherwise seem a bit unmanageable. In other words, you have to think about the safety of the dog and your surroundings, think about the cars here, so that the dog doesn't suddenly run out onto the road. Keep an eye out for other dogs, if your dog is a little reserved in the company of other dogs, because then you can pull the dog into a manageable distance in good time and engage the lock (very easy to lock and open again).

The beauty of the Flexi line is that you can move freely, the line rolls in and out as the dog walks, without you having to think about whether the line is dragging on the ground.

And last but not least, if you have been out walking in the rain, have you or the dog got the line wet in some other way, then it is a good idea to take the line completely out of the holder and lock it, let it dry overnight, then you are sure it will not soften.


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