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Dog sign, shaped like meat bones

If you want a nice dog tag, then this dog tag, which is shaped like a meat bone, is just the thing. A simple and...

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If you want a nice dog tag, then this dog tag, which is shaped like a meat bone, is just the thing. A simple and beautiful dog sign

The dog sign is available in 2 different sizes.

  • Small Height 1.8cm x Width 2.7cm
  • Large Height 2.4cm x Width 3.6

Will be engraved 2 times, so the durability is at the top of our dog tags!

All dog tags are engraved in an engraving machine, which engraves twice, which means a deeper engraving, which makes the durability of the engraving on our dog tags optimal.

Legal requirements regarding dog tags

The only legal requirement for dog tags is that the dog must, from the age of 4 months at the latest, wear a dog tag that states * the owner's name and address*.

However, we strongly recommend that you write at least one phone number, preferably 2 mobile numbers, or one mobile and one landline number, if you travel a lot with the dog, it is wise to write +45 so that it also works when you travel - so those who find one's dog, can quickly get hold of one and here it is so wonderfully easy with mobile phones today.

So my one mobile number and we do not recommend writing the dog's name on the dog tag, there are 2 reasons for this, one is that it takes space from the important information - name, address and phone number and the second reason is, should the terrible thing happen that the dog was stolen, then it will be easier for the thief to handle the dog - we know that most dogs listen to virtually all names and this will therefore probably not help very much, but if you do not have a strong desire for the dog's name must be on the dog tag, then the function of a dog tag is to run away, those who find it can get hold of one and here a mobile number is the only thing needed.

Fill in the information for the dog tag at checkout!

On this page you choose the dog tag you want and at the checkout before payment, there is a field where you can write the text that should be on the dog tag


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