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Hill's PRESCRIPTION DIET u/d wet food for dogs 370g tin

Hill's PRESCRIPTION DIET u/d wet food for dogs 370g tin One step ahead for their best life. Hill's PRESCRIPTION DIET u/d wet food for dogs...

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1x370 grams
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                                                  Vigtig: Veterinær produkter fra Hill's Prescription Diet!                                                
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Hill's PRESCRIPTION DIET u/d wet food for dogs 370g tin

One step ahead for their best life. Hill's PRESCRIPTION DIET u/d wet food for dogs is scientifically formulated by Hill's nutritionists and veterinarians to support your dog's bladder health.

Hill's PRESCRIPTION DIET u/d dog food is clinical nutrition developed to reduce the risk of urate and cystine stones in dogs. It is a urinary tract supporting dog food that supports a healthy bladder and reduces the risk of crystal and stone formation. This wet dog food has a delicious taste that your dog will love.

Dogs need the right balance of minerals to maintain a healthy bladder. Too many minerals can lead to the formation of crystals in dogs' urine, which can lead to bladder stones. Consult your veterinarian if your dog exhibits other urinary tract symptoms such as frequent urination, blood in the urine, or other signs.

It is important to continue feeding PRESCRIPTION DIET u/d dog food to help your dog maintain a healthy bladder even after his symptoms improve. Consult your veterinarian for more information on how PRESCRIPTION DIET food can help your dog continue to live a good and active life.

Advantages of Hill's PRESCRIPTION DIET u/d canned wet food for dogs:

● Reduces the components of urate and cystine stones

● Reduces the risk of recurrence of urate & cystine stones

● Supports a healthy immune system

● Controlled levels of easily digestible, high-quality protein

● Promotes the desired pH level in the urine & has a low sodium content

● Contains antioxidants including vitamin E

COMPOSITION: Derivatives of vegetable origin, eggs and egg derivatives, oil and fats, meat and derivatives of animal origin, sugar, grains, minerals, seeds. Urine alkalizing agents: Calcium carbonate (3.1 g/kg), Potassium citrate (2.3 g/kg), Monosodium phosphate (1.1 g/kg). Protein sources: Dried eggs, pork liver.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Protein 4.1%, Fat content 7.9%, Fiber 0.66%, Crude ash 1.2%, Liquid 70.1%, Total sulfur amino acids 0.27%, Chlorides 0.16%, Calcium 0.18 %, Phosphorus 0.09%, Sodium 0.08%, Potassium 0.21%, Magnesium 0.04%; per kg: vitamin A 6,560 IU, vitamin D3 301 IU.

ADDITIVES PER KG: Additives with nutritional properties: 3b103 (Iron) 23.9mg, 3b202 (Iodine) 0.9mg, 3b405 (Copper) 3.6mg, 3b503 (Manganese) 2.6mg, 3b603 (Zinc) 30.5mg.

Hill's PRESCRIPTION DIET u/d dog food is a dietary complete food for reducing urate and cystine stone formation in adult dogs. The feed contains a moderate level of sulfur-containing amino acids, a low level of purines, a low level of protein from a high-quality protein source and has urinary alkalizing properties.

Tasty nutrition that changes your dog's life. Because it depends on you, our goal is to make the best possible feed. With a scientific composition adapted to your dog's unique needs, PRESCRIPTION DIET dog food is the targeted nutrition it needs to live a long and healthy life.

We manufacture feed with ingredients of the highest quality. These ingredients must meet our strict requirements for purity and nutrient content.

You can make a difference for dogs and cats in boarding schools. With every purchase of Hill's PRESCRIPTION DIET food, you help feed over 100,000 homeless dogs and cats every day, 365 days a year. Read more at hillsfoodshelterlove.com.

Hill's PRESCRIPTION DIET dog food is available in several dry food varieties for your dog's unique needs, and wet food in many delicious flavors that your dog will love.


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