Aquarium cabinet White Move from Akvastabil, 80x40x69 cm, 275L

Aquarium cabinet/cabinet only (Aquarium glass, lights, pumps, etc. are purchased separately) The aquarium furniture for Move is designed for the modern home and for the...

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Vendor: Akvastabil
SKU: AK80100W

Aquarium cabinet/cabinet only (Aquarium glass, lights, pumps, etc. are purchased separately)

The aquarium furniture for Move is designed for the modern home and for the modern person. Our products are not only based on decades of experience in aquaristics, but also on centuries of development and tradition within Danish design and furniture craftsmanship.

The furniture for Move is available in a white or black lacquered version and is delivered in the following sizes: 80x40x72 cm, with 2 doors for 80x40 cm aquarium 100x50x79 cm, with 2 doors for 100x50 cm aquarium 130x50x79 cm, with 2 doors for 130x50 cm aquarium 160x60x79 cm, with 3 doors for 160x60 cm aquarium 200x60x79 cm, with 3 doors for 200x60 cm aquarium All Move furniture is equipped with one or 2 shelves and one removable partition. The removable partition is two-part. If you thus need a large room for. e.g. a filter sump, you simply remove the rear part of the partition and leave the front to support your aquarium. For the sake of the cabinet's durability, we always recommend that a possible filter sump is fitted with a tight-fitting lid.

Alternatively, you can install a fan that constantly removes the moist air inside the cabinet. If there is a risk of water leakage inside the cabinet, you can advantageously seal all joints and holes in the cabinet with a suitable silicone. By the way, it is always a good thing to wipe up spilled water immediately.

Although the furniture is varnished with several layers of varnish, it is not resistant to long-term exposure to water. Materials The characteristic solid end panels are made from 35mm lacquered MDF and the doors from 19mm MDF. All internal parts and backs are made from an 18mm white melamine board. Therefore, the furniture always appears white and bright inside.

Pass-through holes On the back of the furniture you will find two large pass-through holes. You can use them to lead cables and filter hoses in and out of the cabinet. If you want to avoid having the hoses go out through the cabinet and up along the back of the aquarium, you can advantageously connect the hoses directly to the aquarium through the holes in the bottom glass of your Move aquarium. The furniture is also prepared for this, as the holes in the top plate have already been drilled. Strong and elegant hinges The hinges have a built-in spring that causes the door to spring open when you press it. Push to open The magnet keeps the door closed. With a light push, it causes the door to pop open. accessories Stilleben Move furniture is designed to be set up without adjusting screws.

If your floor is crooked, or there is a risk of water spillage on the floor, you can either adjust/brick it up using suitable spacers. Alternatively, you can buy a set of adjustable legs that are easily mounted behind the cabinet plinths. See possibly under the accessories section for further information. Nb. When installing on flexible wooden floors, we do not recommend the use of set screws. The leveling screws transfer the weight and thus the pressure on some very small areas (point load), which can cause the floorboards to settle over time. When setting up on difficult wooden floors, we therefore recommend that the furniture be built up under its entire length and width. In this way, the weight is distributed over a much larger area.


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