Sterilization or not?

It is always an assessment of whether it is good or bad to have one's dog neutered. But if you do not plan to exhibit your dog or you plan to breed from it, there can be many good reasons to neuter your dog.

What does neutralization mean?

Yes, we can just quickly run through what "neutering" means or rather what happens, and when it comes to neutering the male dog, it involves removing his testicles, which is usually a very small operation and something he recovers from quickly over.

In bitches, sterilization means that you remove their ovaries and often also their uterus, but here too they recover quickly after an operation, you can give them Hill's prescription A/D , which gives them a little extra to recover from an operation - but it's not always necessary and something your vet will get into and if they don't, ask if it would be an advantage.

And if you choose to have your dog neutered, there are also other advantages that come with it, and the obvious advantage is that you no longer have to worry about unwanted pregnancies in the bitches and the male dog does not howl or run away because "the bitches " in the neighborhood is running ;-)

By neutering, your bitch will no longer come into heat and this drastically reduces the risk of mammary gland cancer and in male dogs it reduces the risk of prostate problems!

In male dogs, you will also often find that their temperament drops and they become calmer, which is often connected to their sexual drive.

Disadvantages of neutering dogs!

As mentioned, there are many health benefits to neutering early, and many vets and other pet experts have long debated whether neutering inhibits the dog's growth if neutered early. In the USA , they are often neutered early, and here studies show that this is not the case and does not inhibit dogs' growth, but if you castrate male dogs before puberty, you will not get the same muscle mass or clear gender characteristics as a male dog that has not been castrated.

Bitches can suffer from incontinence, which means that the dog cannot hold itself sufficiently, although this can often be treated, but it is something to be aware of.

You will also be able to find out that a neutered dog 's fur quality changes , which can mean that the fur requires more or different maintenance, such as that the undercoat will not escape, that the fur will become more shaggy and dull - there will, however, be a lot of help to get us a "real" pet dealer or at your dog groomer. If your dog goes to the groomer, it would be a really good idea to have a chat with her/him about what this might mean for your particular breed.

Will my dog get fat from being neutered?

There are several studies which show that digestion can change and which can mean that in the resting state it is lower than in dogs that have not been neutered , and this means they have a lower energy requirement.

However, this is relatively easy to do something about and thereby avoid your dog becoming overweight, which is done with the right amount of feed, more exercise and healthy treats - so you cannot quite "legally" use neutralization as a reason why your dog has become a little fat: -)

Hope this post gives some insight into what neutering can mean for your dog and now remember: IMPORTANT - This is not a complete list of cons or benefits, so always talk to that vet!