Is there a taste guarantee on food for dogs and cats?

Yes, it is there - or not on all brands, but on most. Which means you have a taste guarantee on feed from these brands:

Hill's Prescription diet ( Dog / Cat )

Hill's Science plan ( Dog / Cat )

Specific ( Dog / Cat )

Essential ( Dog / Cat )

This means that if your dog or cat didn't like the food you bought, you can send it back to us and get your money back for the product. Freight will not be refunded and there must be at least 60% of the contents left.

So this is what you call a 100% taste guarantee - i.e. full satisfaction or your money back. If you haven't tried one of these brands before, do it now - it's never too late to give your dog or cat the best.

You can buy return labels through us, this happens when you choose the number of kg you want to send back and then we have to order a label, which we send to you by email, but it can take up to 1 business day before we send it. As soon as we get the package back, we will send money back for the product.

Read more about returns and return labels here