Are more and more of your customers also buying online?

Yes, you are not alone. Virtually all clinics, large and small, can feel these days that they are losing sales to online stores, which sell more and more veterinary related products such as feed and accessories.

But with Us with pets you can get your clinic online and reach more customers from your local area. It's quite simple: your clinic comes online, the orders come in. We are responsible for the product range and take payment, as well as send the product to the customer. You therefore only have to make your customers aware that you are a member of Us with pets and that they are now on Denmark's largest marketplace for veterinarians online

Maybe you already have your own online store today or maybe you are thinking of creating one. Many people are surprised by how time-consuming it is to run an online store and many find that it is just as time-consuming and costs the same or more than running a physical business.

The internet beats clinics & shops

Every 3 times a customer buys for their pet, this happens online. With Us with pets for you part of these shops too.

Be visible!

Together with us, we ensure that you get more attention from your customers online. It helps to ensure you an increased turnover. Together we stand stronger.

Get an overview

We give you the tools you need to grow online. You can constantly see the development of your sales, see what you sell online and much more.

Get your customers back!

Wouldn't it be great to get your customers back and that's where Us with Pets comes in. We focus on online and have all goods in our warehouse, which means you don't need to have 1000s of products in stock yourself, but still have the opportunity to sell them.

It's free as a vet to be a member, which means you can get an online shop right away and don't have to think about monthly costs, it only costs you something when you sell something on Us with pets .

It is possible to agree to our advertising package so that you can get out in your area, we do this work for FREE, as the traffic you create also benefits us. We think it's fair.

Support when you need it

Online shopping is probably not your forte, you have to "repair" our pets and not sell them. That's why we have a dedicated Customer Service to help answer any questions or challenges you may have, so you can always feel in good hands.

Customer service for your customers

Spend less time on the phone and more time on your phone. We take the trouble. You ensure the customer a good experience. Our dedicated Customer Service handles any queries your customers may have.

Get your personal consultant

We visit and contact you regularly to answer any questions you may have and help you get the most out of your online business.

Why choose " Us with pets" as your webshop? 

At Us with pets , we can offer you that, in collaboration with your suppliers, you can get a free membership to our joint online platform, and thus clear and free access to sales commissions on the web, which you are missing out on today.

You get this, among other things.

A 100% online shop for drivers
Full product range, including Hills, Essential, Specific
Lots of products you don't sell today
You don't have to think about inventory
We pack & ship everything
We are responsible for the payment solution and all technology

And much much more.

At the same time, you are helping to support if together we take up the fight against the supermarkets and foreign internet stores, and give you the opportunity to get a larger share of the sales that are carried out e.g. on the Internet. We are passionate about the well-being of animals. Therefore, our mission is to get our customers to choose quality and expertise over discount and ignorance.


It's free as a vet to be a member, which means you can get an online shop, immediately and for free. Write to us at and you will be contacted within a few days.

Contact us today and get started tomorrow

If you want to hear more, contact us at or call 5353 2929 and press 1