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Orbiloc lights for dogs in many colors

Why is the dog light from Orbiloc so good?

Orbiloc is first of all made of very high quality and then it is built to be able to withstand being used by the Danish defense and police. Which means you get a light that can last for play, water and much, much more.

Orbiloc a light that makes you seen, you can actually see the light from it as much as 5 kilometers away, which means that you can always see your dog out in the field or wherever you go on your walks.

Orbiloc - Made in Denmark

The story behind Orbiloc

The story behind Orbiloc is the success story of a Danish entrepreneur, it is the story of the road to a lamp that is built on a completely fixed set of values, namely: Safety, Quality, Responsibility, Respect and Honesty .

Anette Kristensen and Jan Jægergaard are the entrepreneurs behind Orbiloc and have worked for a number of years for a shared life dream, to create a company based on their common passion, namely being active and challenging in the Danish outdoors and outdoor life.

The ambition was to make safety lights that could withstand even the most active outdoor life and therefore quality is also one of their major focus areas.

With the starting point of "what brings safety", Orbiloc has turned the development process on its head and from the start, has based it on the needs of the user. The technological choices, the advanced production technique and the hand-picked materials are all the result of the constant search for a solution that suits the users.

The result is Orbiloc Safety Light ™. And of course you can buy here at Us with pets. so you and your dog can be seen in the dark.

Orbiloc lights for dogs


Buy Orbiloc for dogs in several colors

The light that secures you and your dog in the dark

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Up to 5 km visibility

The Orbiloc Dual Safety Light for dogs and for people who stay outdoors is a Danish-made LED safety light of very high quality, and is designed to keep you and your dog safe in the dark.

The safety light from Orbiloc ensures that you are visible to others in the dark at a distance of up to 5 kilometers, which means that when you are outdoors in the dark alone or with your dog, others can see you better. This drastically reduces the risk of accidents or other dangerous situations and at the same time enables you to see your dog from a long distance, should it run freely around in the dark.

The light from the Orbiloc lamp is reflected in its surroundings, due to the unique lens that sits in the lamp from Orbiloc, the light is sent out in a 270° arc, which means that the Orbiloc lamp is visible from all directions.

Waterproof & Reliable

The Orbiloc Dual Safety Light is waterproof to a depth of 100 metres, and is tested to the IPX8 standard so that a fluffy dog ​​can go in the water without any harm.

Orbiloc has been tested and is therefore approved to IPX8 standards, which indicates how resistant a product like the lamp from Orbiloc is against rain and when it is kept under water. Orbiloc Dual has received the highest level of this certification, which means that the light can withstand being under water for longer periods and not just be dipped in water. The Orbiloc Dual is being tested in a pressure chamber filled with water, where it was exposed to a pressure of 11 bar, which corresponds to a water depth of 100 meters for a full hour, so the light is not your excuse for not going for a walk when it rains ;-)
See all tests and certifications of the Orbiloc Dual Safety Light here .

In addition to this test, the Orbiloc Dual Safety Light is also tested in extreme temperatures, and can therefore withstand temperatures from 50°C to -40°C.

So it will be able to withstand the Danish weather, no matter how good a summer we experience.

Resistant even to the arctic dog

Orbiloc Dual is a very resistant light, and can withstand a weight of up to 100 kg. Which means that even a very active dog will find it very difficult to destroy this.

In addition, the lamp from Orbiloc has performed really, really well in various wear tests and accelerated life tests - that is, how long it lasts. This is due to the completely unique design, which is made in high quality. The Orbiloc light is therefore extremely resistant to impact and pressure, and is not affected by shock, vibration or pressure changes. You can therefore drop it, throw it or even run it over and the light will still work - not that we recommend it, but that dog shouldn't hold back.

Made in Denmark & ​​with 3 year warranty

Orbiloc Dual Safety Light is designed and manufactured in Denmark at Orbiloc's production facilities in Aarhus. This also means Orbiloc has full control over the manufacture of their lights and can therefore ensure they are produced to the highest standards within quality and technology.

This is also why professional athletes, weekend warriors (Hardball, airsoft etc.), military, police and many others use the Orbiloc safety light to increase their safety and visibility in their surroundings. One of the primary reasons for this is because it lives up to the highest standards in terms of durability, visibility and quality. Which means it can withstand even these extreme conditions.

Orbiloc trusts their own product so much that they provide an extended 3-year warranty on their lights.

User-friendly design

The Orbiloc Safety Light has two functions – flashing and steady light – which you can switch between with just one hand, even if you are wearing gloves.

And you can easily switch between the two functions, all you have to do is simply turn the "Function selector" which is a round ring with a grooved triangle, which you have to knead so that it is in front of the desired function.

You can move the function selector endlessly to the right and left, where it goes past the four positions that are there - two OFF positions, a flashing position and a solid/constant light.

Battery life is 100 hours on steady light, and 250 hours on flashing. The batteries can of course be changed.

Can be attached to anything

Orbiloc Dual comes with various options for attachment, and can be mounted on either owner, dog, line and much more.

The light from Orbiloc is used by many different types, which is not a problem, thanks to the versatile attachment options it offers, you can attach your Orbiloc Dual to any strap, pole or belt, this gives you an almost infinite number of options for to be visible and safe no matter what activities you and your dog embark on.

Hope you could use this information about Orbiloc - if you have any questions, contact us and we will probably find an answer for you.

Yours sincerely

Jacob N. Masters I Us with pets