Us with Pets is 100% owned by myself Katja and my husband, whom I have known since 1996. Jacob Nørlem-Masters and I have 2 lovely children together. I myself come from business school and have subsequently trained as a certified pet dealer and come with a background in the retail trade, where I have had some big openings behind me, e.g. Nespresso and Irma City.

My husband Jacob comes with a past from the IT world, and has been involved in a number of start-ups, such as "Speednames", where he was office manager. He has, among other things, has been customer manager, IT manager and director of online companies such as Bidlet, QXL and Likewise and has been a board member at the Danish Entrepreneurs' Association for several years.

The idea for "Osmedkæledyr" is not really based on the big numbers, but it came along because for many years we have had a pet dealer, such a real local and cozy pet dealer, almost like from "Huset på Christianshavn", but with a lot more focus on animal welfare :-) and we have always had good cooperation with the local vet when checks etc. had to be done at the store.

As time went on, we started talking business and how we would like to compete against the foreign chains, which push prices down, as they do not pay Danish taxes and VAT.

But we still had to ensure quality and advice, so that you gained knowledge from both the physical and the virtual world.

So we started talking to our suppliers, whom we already know very well and they were ready to support us so that we could enter the market.

What is quite special for us is that we collaborate with Danish veterinarians.

There were also a lot of requirements for how our business should be run and with hard work, we have succeeded in creating an online webshop where you can buy products from the vet and not least here is always the opportunity to get professional guidance and advice from trained staff, us who are both certified pet traders and dog trainers and all vets who are members.

With us with pets, the focus is on the animals..

Yes, what exactly does that mean.. for us it means, we have pet sitters employed and a close collaboration with our vets, who are members and get part of the profit that is generated at Us with Pets, so we, together with the local veterinarians who are members can take on the many foreign webshops that often present themselves as Danish.

Due to the close cooperation we have with our vets and the fact that we mostly only employ animal caretakers, you always get the best and professional guidance, which means, if you call or write to us for help, there is like mine. a trained pet sitter with your answer, so you can always feel safe.

And the fact that we have such a broad collaboration with vets throughout Denmark also means that they make high demands on the products we sell on the site, which means that there is a great focus on the quality of the products we have on the site.

Luxury for us = quality...

The quality of our products will always be in focus and since we put quality before luxury, that is the luxury we have.
We prioritize quality and the healthy, right choice for our animals comes first, we have as a starting point, nothing on the side we wouldn't give to our own animals - and that says a lot....

It must be an experience to visit us

A special thing for all of us here is that we want to give an experience and not be exactly like the others. This means that even if it is "just" products for animals, you might think it was a nice gift when you receive it in the mail. But it has also always been both mine and my husband's wish that it should be something special to shop at Us with pets - it doesn't just have to be at the smart designer stores, you are treated as something very special - so I hope so , you will feel when you shop with us ❤️

Who we are - meet our team

Meet our team or at least those you want to meet on our phone and email. We are growing all the time, but this is a draft of those who are part of the team today.
Katja Nørlem-Masters Head of everything
Katja Nørlem-Masters
Owner, keeper and boss of it all
Anja Kofoed - Marketing
Anja Kofoed
Jacob Co-owner and works a lot in customer service
Jacob Nørlem-Masters
Co-owner, pet sitter & All-rounder
Our pet sitter student Isabella
Isabella Thomsen
Animal care student
Our pet sitter student Amy
Amy Raven
Animal care student
Alma our dog groomer
Alma Gr
Dog groomer
Bettina dog trainer
Bettina Kjærgaard
Dog Trainer & Animal Sitter

If you need help or anything else, you can always contact us on telephone number: 53 53 29 29 or write to us on our email:

We look forward to hearing from you ❤️