loyalty points

Pet-Point's, loyalty points, member discount, yes dear child has many names, but sumo somara is that when you shop with Us with pets you earn 5% on virtually everything you buy, you can then use these loyalty points the next time you shop with Us for pets or collect together and then save up enough loyalty points for a whole bag of food or whatever you need.

What is our loyalty program about?

Our loyalty program is, in itself, very simple and only requires you to shop and be registered as a member with Us with pets , so when you buy something you will earn what we call loyalty points, which are loyalty points that you can use to pay for what you have to do with us in the future with pets . you can therefore not have them paid out or use them with anyone other than Us with Pets and you have a whole year from the time they are earned to use them.

In other words, you can only buy what we decide, no, with us you can buy whatever you want at Us with pets with your earned membership discount.

Some facts about loyalty points
- Everyone who is a member of Us with pets who does not pay with a Consumer Association card or other discount card can earn loyalty points.

- You do NOT earn loyalty points on a subscription / fixed delivery with us, as these are 2 different systems, which currently not talking together.

- You must receive our newsletter in order to earn loyalty points.

What you then earn can be slightly different from item to item, but usually it is a fixed % you earn on everything - however with a few exceptions such as medicine, animals and other products where it is not possible or allowed, right now this is percentage 5% at Us with pets so it quickly becomes quite a lot.

Let's say you buy a 6.5 kg Specifik COW for NOK 399, then you earn a whole 19.95 and yes it adds up quickly, with treats, toys etc.

- The only thing you cannot do is take your loyalty points with you or have them paid out in cash, etc. You must use them at Us with pets.

- You must use your loyalty points before 6 months have passed from the date you earned them, otherwise they will expire and be deleted from your account.

So it's hard to find a downside to our loyalty points scheme, so it's just a matter of starting to shop and earn loyalty points today :-)

You can always keep track of what you have saved under "Your account" which you will find here: https://www.osmedkaeledyr.dk/account/login

And this is also where you created the discount codes that you must use to use the earned loyalty points, which you do by:

How to use your loyalty points

There are 2 ways you can use your loyalty points. The first is directly on the basket when you shop.

Method 1: Use points directly from your basket:

1. Click on the yellow button with the text "Use on this order"

2. Enter the number of loyalty points you want to use:

3. Copy / paste the code that comes up and use it during payment in the discount code field.

Method 2: Create discount codes under your account

1. Click on the small icon with a person at the top of our page.

2. Click on "
loyalty points earned" in the menu on the right:

3. Click on the yellow button with the text "Use earned loyalty points"

4. Enter the number of Loyalty points you wish to use and click on the yellow button.

5. After you have clicked on "Create discount code", a discount code will be created, which you can copy/paste on the popup that appears after you have clicked on "Create discount code". You will always find your discount codes on the same page where you create new.

Should you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us on the chat or send us an email at kundeservice@osmedkaeledyr.dk

Yours sincerely
Us with pets