Everything to know about buying puppy toys

It is important to remember to always take care of your puppy and therefore we also always recommend buying approved puppy toys for your puppy and not buying too cheap, as price and quality are often related and what we want to avoid is that similar puppy eats something that may be poisonous or otherwise not made to be "eaten"...

Next, it is always important to keep an eye on your puppy and how it plays with its puppy toys. You need to do this to ensure that it "really" plays with it and doesn't just eat it. Because it is both expensive, but also unhealthy. So always keep an eye on your puppy.

Buy toys for your puppy that are useful!

There are plenty of opportunities to buy puppy toys that are both fun, but also useful for your puppy. It could be Reb, which is really good for its teeth, both as a puppy and as an adult. When the rope is chewed well and thoroughly, it acts like dental floss, so always have a rope for your puppy to help keep the teeth clean.

But there are also many other things, such as activity toys, here we mostly think of the "food bowl" It is really good to teach your puppy that you have to do something for the food, it helps him both mentally and physically, but it also helps him to to eat better/healthier, as it takes a little time and it finds out it needs to do something - so try a treat ball or Pulse's food bowl , which both you and your puppy will be able to get many good hours out of.

But teddy bears & stuffed animals and a tennis ball for dogs are also a must (remember that an ordinary tennis ball is not a puppy toy, as they can wear down your dog's teeth, as it acts like sandpaper on the ball-loving dogs)