Information page about what and what are the advantages of fixed delivery is at

Osmedkæ 's FAST DELIVERY is a brilliant, easy way for you to get regular deliveries of proper food for your pet and it's FREE.

We have something for all pets, but with Fast Delivery the focus is on dogs and cats. You choose entirely which internal delivery you want and you can always cancel, change it or put it on pause, should you go on holiday or otherwise.

It is also the case that after the 2nd delivery you will get a 5% discount deducted from the price and 5% in Loyalty Points, so you save a total of 10% going forward - so what's not to like?


Save time on fixed delivery

Spend less time shopping online. Just set up Fast Delivery and we'll take care of the rest. Updating, pausing or canceling is super easy.

Get more time for fun and games

Less screen time means more playtime. More cuddling hours on the sofa. More belly rubs. A game of fetching a ball, playing with feathers or pulling rope - perfect!

Save money with fixed delivery

Enjoy *10% discount plus FREE delivery on all future orders over NOK 399, and we ensure you always get the best possible price we have on the site, without you lifting a finger


Buy online!

Click on Osmedkæ and find the products you want to have delivered, like dog food and a little treat is always good!

Put them in the basket

When you have found the feed you want, click on "Fast Delivery" and you can choose the interval.

Go to the cart

Now go to the cart and pay, and your first delivery will be on its way in a few days.

Drink a cup of coffee

Now you don't have to think about ordering anymore, we'll get you that and always at the best price on the site - easy ik!


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Frequently asked questions about "Fast Delivery"

What is fixed delivery?

"Fast Delivery" at is a practical way for you to always ensure you have food for your dog or cat, because it is easy to forget and people call and write often - "Oops, we forgot to order food, can Are you delivering today?" and even though we deliver very quickly, it can happen that it takes 2-3 days before it arrives by post etc. and this is where FAST DELIVERY comes in.. you don't have to think about food for your dog or cat anymore, as it will delivered fixed as you choose. And since it makes it easy for us to order, to order goods home, yes, we give you a 5% fixed discount after you have delivered 2 times - Win win for both of us :-) "Fast delivery" is easy to use, and you can make changes, pause or cancel items online when you need to. In addition, as I said, you get a 5% discount on every "Fast delivery" order and our free delivery to the parcel shop for purchases over NOK 399. Also look forward to "Fast delivery"!

How do I order "Fixed delivery"?

Under the products that we offer with fixed delivery, often food for dogs and cats, you see the option to choose "One-off purchase" or "Fixed delivery" and it is the last one that is "Fixed delivery".

Here you just have to choose whether you want to receive the desired bag once a week or a month - or something completely different.

You will then receive feed at the selected interval.

Under " My account " you can correct, stop, pause fixed delivery, change products and much more.

How do I cancel "Fixed Delivery"?

Yes, there is no binding on Fast Delivery, so you can always cancel as you wish under " My account " with a few clicks.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of products I can order?

No, there is no minimum or maximum amount you must order for, if the product you want is under "Fast Delivery" then you can order just the quantity you want.

How do I pause "Fast Delivery"?

Under " My account " you have a text on the right that says "See "Fixed delivery"" and here you must find the fixed delivery you want to pause.

Once you find it, click on "Pause "Fixed Delivery""

Once you have done this, your fixed delivery is paused until you choose to activate it again.

How do I activate "Fast Delivery" again?

Under " My account " you have a text on the right that says "See "Fixed delivery"" and here you must find the fixed delivery you want to activate again.

Once you have found it, click on "Enable" Fixed Delivery".

Once you have done this, your regular delivery is active again :-)

How do I correct information such as delivery address on "Fast Delivery"?

Under " My account " you have a text on the right that says "See "Fast delivery"" and here you must look at the box with the text "Address and shipping information" and then on "Edit".

Manage upcoming order?

Under " My account " and by clicking on "See fixed delivery" you have a lot of options to correct and change everything from delivery address, payment card to the number of products you want and much more.

On this page you will also find an item called "manage incoming orders" here you can skip an order and change it whenever you want from start to finish.

If I am missing something else that is not on my regular delivery, what do I do?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to continuously change one's Fixed delivery, you can say I now have to have 2 of the bag of feed that you have a fixed delivery on, but you cannot put 1 bag of treats at the same time and a ball the other. But you can always just order it on a new order :-)

How do I exchange a product?

Under " My account " you have a text on the right that says "See "Fixed delivery"" and here you must look at the box with the text "Products in your subscription" and then on "Change product".

Then you will get a list with all the products you can switch to and here you just have to choose what you want and click on the button with the text "Select" and choose the shipping method you want and click on "Save changes" and it will switch products.

Can I add more products to my fixed delivery?

Yes you can! You can always choose to request more bags of the same product as you have on your regular delivery today, you do this under "Manage future orders" which you will find under " My account " and "See "Fixed delivery", you can do not add new products, you must create a new fixed delivery.

How do I change payment cards?

If you have got a new payment card, you can easily change this, this is done by going to " My account ", you have a text on the right that says "See "Fixed delivery"" click on "See Fixed delivery" and click on " Payment information" and then on "Edit".

then you just have to enter the information on your new card and everything is as it should be :-)

How do I use discount codes for "Fast Delivery"?

Pt. is it a bit limited which discount codes work on fixed delivery, that is to say that discount codes from loyalty points etc. do not always work, this is something we are working on, but we do not have a good solution at the moment. and therefore also not a date on which, as on the page normally, it will be possible to use discount codes on fixed delivery.