How to order dog tags with engraving

When you have ordered the desired dog tag, we will send you an email. You reply to the email with the desired text. You write what you want to appear on page 1, and – if possible with selected dog signs – what to appear on page 2. The more text you want, the smaller the writing will be.

It is important that you read through what you have written to avoid mistakes. Your email with text is binding, as we cannot erase the engraving again. So read it through one extra time!

Smart double engraving ! The text on dog tags bought from Osmedkæ lasts longer than most other dog tags, as our machine engraves the text twice!

Law on dog tags

In Denmark, it is a legal requirement that dogs wear a visible dog tag from the age of 4 months. According to the legislation, the dog's owner's name and address must be written on it. The law is old and therefore does not say anything about a telephone number, but it is worth adding, as it will make it easier for strangers to contact you if they have found your dog.

In the executive order on the law for dogs, the following is stated:

§1. The owner of a dog must ensure that the dog is tagged and registered before it is 8 weeks old. The owner of a dog must also ensure that the dog, from the age of 4 months, wears a collar fitted with a sign indicating the owner's name and address.

If the dog is not registered, or does not wear a dog tag, you risk a fine. The police also have the right to tag and register the dog at the owner's expense.

If you are traveling with your dog, you should pay attention to researching the legislation regarding dogs and dog tags in the country you are traveling to, as the law here may be different than in Denmark.