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Questions about Us with pets

What kind of business is Osmedkæledyr.dk?

Great question, Us with pets is a bit like "Interflora" just for your local vet and not florist. Which means when you shop with us for pets, you support the vet who is closest to you - of course not all vets are members with us and therefore not all you support either, but only those who have chosen to be members with us . Those who are members with us get a share of the profit from what is sold on Us with pets and all they have to do is to advertise for Us with pets in their clinic and on their website or Facebook. Us with pets offers you a sea of products that you can easily buy online and have delivered right to your door and at a really good price!

This means that via Osmedkaeledyr.dk, which is a 100% Danish company that pays VAT and tax in Denmark, you can shop at Danish vets at some of the best prices you will find on the internet.

If you are with a veterinary clinic and want to hear more about how to become a member of Us with pets, write to kundeservice@osmedkaeledyr.dk or call 5353 2929 and press 1 🙂

Is it safe to shop / use your credit card with Us with pets?

You can be completely calm - We do not store any of your credit card information (which is handled by our payment system - Quickpay.dk, which is one, if not the best in this industry), and of course we also do not share your personal information with others.

In addition to that, our payment solution also complies with the new EU rules around Nemid and payment, so payments are checked according to these rules as well.

Do you share my information with others?

We never share your information with third parties. Who is a third party? The first party is us and the second party is you. Then a third party is someone other than us and you. And you know, they probably have enough already, so that's why we don't share with others :-)

Can I pay with MobilePay?

Yes of course and we also accept all major credit cards such as: DANKORT, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover etc

Help with NemID and payment

Yes, it happened and we have received a lot of calls and emails about payment online after the new EU requirements for online shopping came into force on 4 January 2021. and can only agree with the many calls we have received - All with our lovely Nemid is not always easy.

It's all about your safety, which is something we take very seriously here at Os with pets, as it must be safe and secure to shop with us, which is also why we are a member of the E-Mærket, which covers you with up to NOK 10,000 and much more.

We are therefore also up-to-date with the new EU rules regarding online payment, which the new rules mean that many purchases now have to be approved with a security factor of two, which essentially means that your payment / purchase has to be approved twice. 1 time with your via our payment solution and the second time via your nemid, which you have to set up together with a phone number or an app which then has the good you have to approve with the second time.

Before the turn of the year, you could use your Nemid to approve with - you can't do that anymore, you have to use the NemId app or your phone number.

But there is help to be had with this little film that NemId has made about how to create nemid for online payment: Video guides for creating a 2 security factor with Nemid .

Here you can see how to create a self-selected password for your card. To go through the process, you will need Your card number
NemID (card, key display or app)
Phone to receive a confirmation SMS

You can approve a payment in two ways:

Pay with NemID & NemID app.

In connection with a payment, you will be asked to enter your NemID username and password and then confirm via the NemID app or NemID key viewer.

Note: You can no longer use the NemID cardboard card to approve online purchases. Due to new legislation, you can only use the NemID app or NemID key viewer if you use NemID to approve your purchase.

Read more at Net's here.

How to activate NemID key app: How to get started with NemID key app (Youtube) and Activate your key app - NemID (Nemid.nu).

Pay with a one-time code and password.

You will receive a one-time code by SMS, which you must enter together with your own password. You must create the password yourself, you do so on this page .

If a phone number is associated with your card, you will receive a one-time code via SMS when you shop.

In addition to the one-time code, the SMS states which business you are about to shop at and which amount you must approve.

You enter the one-time code and your password on the website to complete your purchase. It is important that the text in the SMS reflects the purchase you are about to make, never enter the code if you are in doubt!

At Net's you can read more about how to create a password.

You can always find these links under our FAQ , so you don't need to save this email.

You pay as usual and during payment you will have to confirm your card/purchase with your nemid, where you enter as usual, enter your CRP and code and then the code that fits your nemid.

Well this is short, you have to choose whether it should be with your nemid via app or card or whether you want a code sent to your phone via SMS.

Card registration
Your card is registered when both mobile number and password have been created, you do this on this page. You can change or delete the associated mobile number and password for a card on this page. To change or delete your mobile number for your card(s), you must use NemID.

Take care of your codes
The one-time code, password and NemID codes are personal, never disclose them to others!

Phishing emails
You will never receive e-mails from Nets where you are asked to provide your card data, one-time codes, NemID codes and the like.
There are examples of criminals who via so-called phishing emails, e.g. tries to lure card information and NemID key cards out of card holders and then misuse the information.

This means that on your PC, Mac, etc., in the future you will receive an SMS with a code that you must enter, so that they know you are the right one and not just your card details.

At Mobilepay, this is done via fingerprint authentication.

You can always find this guide on our FAQ or read more on Net's website

Can I pay with BitCoins, CyberBeans or JuggaloCoin?

No - or we have thought about it, but no, not at the moment.

Questions about shipping & returns

Is there a taste guarantee on food for dogs and cats?

Yes, it is there - or not on all brands, but on most. Which means you have a taste guarantee on feed from these brands:

Hill's Prescription diet ( Dog / Cat ) Hill's Science plan ( Dog / Cat ) Specific ( Dog / Cat ) Essential ( Dog / Cat ) This means that if your dog or cat did not like the food you bought, you can send return it to us and get your money back, but there must be at least 60% of the content left. So this is what you call a 100% taste guarantee - i.e. full satisfaction or your money back. If you haven't tried one of these brands before, do it now - it's never too late to give your dog or cat the best.

You can buy return labels through us, this happens when you choose the number of kg you want to send back and then we have to order a label, which we send to you by email, but it can take up to 1 business day before we send it. As soon as we get the package back, we will send the money back. Read more about returns and return labels here

My order never arrived.

Check your order confirmation email for the tracking number, here you can see if it is on its way or delivered incorrectly. If it doesn't work, send us an email , tell us what you ordered and your order number, and we'll probably help you..

My order arrived incomplete or damaged.

First, take a deep breath. Then you close your eyes and imagine the faces of everyone you love and everything you hold dear. This should put you in a better mood, because we know it's never very nice when this happens - and we apologize for the mistake many times, but there is help, we ALWAYS find a solution, even if it's not our fault. So send us an email . Tell us what you ordered and your order number and we will help you right away.

I don't live in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greenland or The Faroe Islands.

I don't live in the Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greenland or The Faroe Islands, the best countries in the entire world by any metric, except guns per citizen and tax level - But can I still buy from the best online pet and veterinarian webshop in the world?"Yes... but you have to call us on +45 53 53 29 29 then we will find a way to fix it for you - it will have a delivery cost added depending on what country we have to deliver it to, but basically we can deliver everywhere also outer space if needed as we have a great space program here in the Nordic countries Also, additional taxes and duties may apply to your international / outer space order. We have no control over that .Sorry.

Questions about our Loyalty program

Briefly about our Loyalty program

Pet-Point's, loyalty points, member's discount, yes dear child has many names, but the bottom line is that when you shop with Us with pets you earn 5% on virtually everything you buy, you can then use these loyalty points the next time you shop with us for pets or collect together and save enough loyalty points for a whole bag of food or whatever you need.

Who is in our loyalty program?

Our loyalty program is in itself very simple and only requires you to shop and be set up as a member of Us with pets with your e-mail and receive our newsletter, then when you buy something you will earn what we call loyalty points, which are loyalty points that you can use to pay for what you have to do with us in the future with pets. so you cannot have them paid out or use them with anyone other than Us with pets and you have a full 6 months from the time they are earned to use them. In other words, you can only buy what we decide, no, with us you can buy whatever you want at Us with pets with your earned membership discount. Read more about our loyalty program here

How do I pay with loyalty points?

When you pay with your earned loyalty points, you use a discount code, which means you cannot use other discount codes on the same purchase. And since you must use a discount code to pay with your earned loyalty points, you must first create a discount code. You can do this in several different ways, but it applies to everyone that you must be a member, receive our newsletter and have created a password - but it's all pretty simple. Now that you're shopping and standing on the basket, you can click on the text "Click here to use your loyalty points in total: XXX DKK" if you are logged in and you are not say the text "Click here to log in and see your loyalty points", both will be just above the button " CART" on the cart ( https://www.osmedkaeledyr.dk/cart ). Now that you are logged in and click on "Click here to use your loyalty points in total: XXX DKK" a popup will appear where you can see the number of points/dkk you have earned and a field where you can write the number/amount you want to use tte. After you have entered the amount and pressed "CREATE DISCOUNT CODE", a long discount code will appear, which it usually inserts itself into the discount code field, but it is a very good idea to take a copy - or you can always find the discount codes that have been created under " My account ". So after you have done this, you can make a payment and see that it has deducted that amount from your purchase - Nice and easy ;-)

Questions about "Fast Delivery"

What is fixed delivery?

"Fast Delivery" at Us with pets is a practical way for you to always ensure you have food for your dog or cat, because it is easy to forget and people call and write often - "Oops, we forgot to order food, can Are you delivering today?" and even though we deliver very quickly, it can happen that it takes 2-3 days before it arrives by post etc. and this is where FAST DELIVERY comes in.. you don't have to think about food for your dog or cat anymore, as it will delivered fixed as you choose. And since it makes it easy for us to order, to order goods home, yes, we give you a 5% fixed discount after you have delivered 2 times - Win win for both of us :-) "Fast delivery" is easy to use, and you can make changes, pause or cancel items online when you need to. In addition, as I said, you get a 5% discount on every "Fast delivery" order and our free delivery to the parcel shop for purchases over NOK 399. Also look forward to "Fast delivery"!

How do I order "Fixed delivery"?

Under the products that we offer with fixed delivery, often food for dogs and cats, you see the option to choose "One-off purchase" or "Fixed delivery" and it is the last one that is "Fixed delivery".

Here you just have to choose whether you want to receive the desired bag once a week or a month - or something completely different.

You will then receive feed at the selected interval. Under " My account " you can correct, stop, pause fixed delivery, replace the product and much more.

How do I cancel "Fixed Delivery"?

Yes, there is no binding on Fast Delivery, so you can always cancel as you wish under " My account " with a few clicks.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of products I can order?

No, there is no minimum or maximum amount you must order for, if the product you want is under "Fast Delivery" then you can order just the quantity you want.

How do I pause "Fast Delivery"?

Under " My account " you have a text on the right that says "See "Fixed delivery"" and here you must find the fixed delivery you want to pause. When you have found it, you must click on "Set "Fixed delivery" "on pause"When you have done this, your fixed delivery is on pause until you choose to activate it again.

How do I activate "Fast Delivery" again?

Under " My account " you have a text on the right that says "See "Fixed delivery"" and here you must find the fixed delivery you want to activate again. When you have found it, you must click on "Activate"Fixed delivery" .Once you have done this, your regular delivery is active again :-)

How do I correct information such as delivery address on "Fast Delivery"?

Under " My account " you have a text on the right that says "See "Fast delivery"" and here you must look at the box with the text "Address and shipping information" and then on "Edit".

Manage upcoming order?

Under " My account " and by clicking on "See fixed delivery" you have a lot of options to correct and change everything from delivery address, payment card to the number of products you want and much more. On this page you will also find an item such as is called "manage incoming orders" here you can skip an order and change it whenever you want from start to finish.

If I need something else that is not on my regular delivery, what do I do?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to continuously change one's Fixed delivery, you can say I now have to have 2 of the bag of feed that you have a fixed delivery on, but you cannot put 1 bag of treats at the same time and a ball the other. But you can always just order it on a new order :-)

How do I exchange a product?

Under " My account " you have a text on the right that says "See "Fixed delivery"" and here you must look at the box with the text "Products in your subscription" and then on "Change product". You will then get a list of all the products you can change to and here you just have to choose what you want and click on the button with the text "Choose" and choose the shipping method you want and click on "Save changes" and it will change the products.

Can I add more products to my fixed delivery?

Yes you can! You can always choose to request more bags of the same product as you have on your regular delivery today, you do this under "Manage future orders" which you will find under " My account " and "See "Fixed delivery", you can do not add new products, you must create a new fixed delivery.

How do I change payment cards?

If you have got a new payment card, you can easily change this, this is done by going to " My account ", you have a text on the right that says "See "Fixed delivery"" click on "See Fixed delivery" and click on " Payment information" and then on "Edit". Then you just have to enter the information on your new card and everything is as it should be :-)

How do I use discount codes for "Fast Delivery"?

Pt. is it a little limited which discount codes work on fixed delivery, that is to say that discount codes from loyalty points etc. do not always work, this is something we are working on, but we do not have a good solution at the moment. and therefore also not a date on which, as on the page normally, it will be possible to use discount codes on fixed delivery.

Questions about "My Account"

How do I activate "My Account"?

We love to hear from you on our customer service, merchandise, website or any topics you want to share with us. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated. Please complete the form below.

How do I use discount codes at Us with Pets?

When can & cannot I use discount codes?

If you find that you cannot find a field to enter your discount code where you enter your address, it is because our system uses this discount code field for another discount that is already part of the purchase you are in You can always use discount codes at Us with Pets. But since our system uses discount codes to create a Quantity Discount where you buy more of the same product and save DKK XX. This means that if you have chosen one of these several-piece discounts - Quantity discount, such as 3 bags of dog food for DKK XX and thus save XX amount of DKK, then you cannot also use discount codes or one's loyalty points, as these also use these discount codes. We hope that at some point we can make it possible to use both at the same time, but currently our system does not offer this.

Where should I enter discount codes?

If you have a discount code, you can enter this after you have gone to checkout, then on a PC/Mac there will be a field on the left at the top where it says "Discount code" If you do not have this field, then it is used on Quantity discount or other. On mobile, this field is at the top - but otherwise it's the same :-)

Avoid fake webshops

SIKKER SHOPPING is the e-brand's new browser extension, and the brand has, with support from TrygFonden, developed a new tool so that you can shop safely online. SAFE SHOPPING is a browser extension that you can add to your Google Chrome browser with a few clicks and use when you shop via your PC or Mac. GET SAFE SHOPPING FROM THE E-BRAND HERE If you don't have Google Chrome, download here

And remember we are approved by the E-Mark!

Yes, we are approved by our many customers, which is the most important thing for us and you, but we are of course also approved by the E-Mærket, we do not charge cancellation fees, we generally replace things that arrive seriously damaged, and if your order needs to be refunded, we will issue your refund within 5 business days from our last email. So there should be pretty good control of the whole thing.

Read more about the benefits of shopping at an E-Branded Webshop here