The E-Mærket has approved Osmedkæ is approved by the E-Mærket, so you as a customer are insured with up to DKK 10,000 when you shop.

Yes, it probably won't come to mind for many, but the e-label has approved us, so we can now say we are approved by the E-label.

We are of course very happy about that, as it means more security for our customers - you! Like you are covered with up to DKK 10,000 when you shop at , Free case processing etc.

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Avoid fake webshops

SAFE SHOPPING is the e-brand's new browser extension

With support from the TrygFonden, the e-mark has developed a new tool so that you can shop safely online. SAFE SHOPPING is a browser extension that you can add to your Google Chrome browser with a few clicks and use when you shop via your PC or Mac.


If you don't have Google Chrome, download it here

The e-mark is your security.

When you see the e-label on a webshop like Osmedkæ , you can be sure that the store (ie us) can be trusted. The e-mark has checked the company and makes continuous checks to ensure you. So they know everything is going as it should at Osmedkæ , that we comply with all rules and ensure that you receive the information you are entitled to and that you know what you are paying for, etc.

Read more about the e-label here

You are now insured up to DKK 10,000

The e-brand's buyer protection is your safety net when you shop on e-branded webshops such as Osmedkæ - and you are financially protected with up to DKK 10,000 per transaction when you buy a physical product on Osmedkæ . Then we would run away from our responsibility, yes, the E-label covers up to DKK 10,000. You can read more about " Buyer protection " here.

Free case processing

E-mark's lawyers are experts in consumer rights, rules and legislation in the e-commerce area, and are ready to help and guide you in complaints.

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The e-label fights fraud

The e-mark fights fraud and online fraud. They take up the fight against the fraudulent shops that threaten safe and trusting e-commerce.

The foreign fake shops are devastating for Danish e-commerce, and it is both consumers, businesses and society that suffer damage. Consumers are cheated and deceived with counterfeit goods and invalid trading terms, the law-abiding webshops lose revenue and suffer from the insecurity created by fraudsters, while society wastes all of our tax dollars hunting down masterminds, it is virtually impossible to catch.

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We hope this is something you can use!

The e-label is for you, so we hope you will appreciate this and should you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact us.

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