Hill's Prescription diet - dog food from the vet
specific dog food from your local vet

Hill's prescription diet dog food
Hill's Prescription Diet Cat Food

Prescription Diet™

If your dog or cat is sick, Prescription Diet offers a large range of food that helps to solve the most important health problems for your dog or cat


Scientifically developed nutrition for your cat, regardless of age, size and sensitivity
Food from Science Plan food your dog or cat will love.


Perfectly balanced nutrition made from the healthy, high-quality ingredients.
Natural food for your dog or cat.
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Dog Cat
Dog Cat

Weight control with Metabolic

81% of cats who switched to Metaboliv lost weight within 2 months.

Skin & Skin sensitivities

Helps your cat maintain a nice coat and soft skin.

Life is infinitely more fun when your cat or dog is healthy. That's why Hill's works with your vet to provide the best nutrition-based solutions to help you reclaim a normal, vibrant life together.

Hill's Prescription diet - dog food from the vet

Hill's Prescription Diet

It started with a Seeing Eye® dog, his best friend, and a vet with a vision. This is how Dr. created Mark Morris therapeutic nutrition more than 75 years ago. Every day since then we have continued to perfect it. We continue its commitment to innovation with ground-breaking products such as b/d®, Metabolic and much more.

Combine our scientific approach to nutrition with the expertise of more than 220 veterinarians and Ph.D. Nutrition experts all over the world, and it's clear: We are much more than a simple pet food manufacturer. We are animal lovers who work tirelessly to make a difference for your pet.

The best nutrition in the world won't make a difference if your finicky cat doesn't love to eat it. Treat her to the salty ingredients, delightful aromas and unique shapes and textures that cats simply cannot resist.

Peace of mind is priceless. That's why only the best ingredients from the most trusted sources are the foundation of all Prescription Diet® foods. We also carry out 5 million quality and safety checks per year. Years at the facility as well as voluntary third party inspections almost every month to ensure we maintain the highest standards.

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specific dog food from your local vet

Hill's Science Plan

Vets know a healthy dog ​​food when they see one. That's why they give Hills Science Diet® to their own dogs more than any other brand. When it comes to the Science Behind Happy ™, they are the experts.

See what our healthy ingredients, precise nutrition and quality standards can do for your dog. When he is healthier, he is happier.

In an effort to make the best dog foods, we use high-quality protein, including real chicken, lamb or salmon as the first ingredient in our dry dog ​​food. They are made with natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids and never contain artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or chicken by-products. In addition, the clinically proven antioxidants provide benefits.

Our pet nutritionists work to create every product with the best dog food standards to give your dog more moments of overwhelming happiness that comes from being the healthiest he can be.

Our Science Diet® foods are made in the USA with ingredients from North America, Europe and New Zealand. It's part of our desire to have the best dog food available to ensure your dog is as healthy and happy as he possibly can be.

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Hill's Ideal Balance

High quality protein in the right proportions helps maintain lean muscle and supports healthy organ development and proper digestion for longer walks together.

A healthy level of vitamins and minerals promotes energy and proper bone growth to keep him going as a puppy.

High-quality protein in the right proportions helps maintain lean muscle and supports healthy organ development and proper digestion for longer walks together.

Help him be ready for more games with the right amount of vitamin C. It helps promote and maintain a healthy immune system.

Enjoy more navel rubs and fewer upset stomachs. The right amount and type of fiber supports proper digestive hygiene.

OMEGA-3 & 6 Spend more time petting and less time grooming. The right amount of healthy fats is essential to provide energy and maintain a healthy skin and coat.

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We are doing our best!

We take extra care when planning meals for our families, but what about our dog's food? From manufacturing and labeling to what certain ingredients are, it's important to inform yourself about where your dog food is made and what's in it before you pick up your next bag or can of dog food.

The basic
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates "Made in USA" claims or labels for all products related to humans and pets, according to Mindy Bough, vice president of operations for the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center and manager of the ASPCA's Pet Nutrition Services.

For a product to bear a "Made in USA" label, it must be made of all or substantially all products from the United States. For pet food, that includes packaging, ingredients and production of the food, Bough said. If a company uses a "Made in USA" label but sources products from another country, they must have a disclaimer on the packaging (eg, "Made in the USA with lamb from New Zealand).

For the FTC to investigate a potential concern about food labels, a complaint must be filed, Bough, who is also the founder of the Academy of Veterinary Nutrition Technicians, said.

Descriptions and labels
Because manufacturers know that you, the consumer, look for certain ingredients when buying dog food — like the words "chicken" or "real beef" — they include those names in their brands.

Fortunately, the Association of American Feed Control Officers (AAFCO) has specific rules for the percentage of named ingredients in a commodity and dog brand sold in the United States. Not sure where to get this info?

Read more about 'How to read a dog tag'.

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