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Before you can order feed
Order via the website
Order via E-mail

Before you can order feed from Us with pets

Before you can order food for your guide dog at a discount, you must be registered as a Danish Association for the Blind customer. You do this by writing an email to with your name, the address to which the feed is to be delivered, your telephone number (preferably a mobile number if you have one) and your e-mail address. In addition, you must clearly indicate that the guide dog scheme must pass on this information to Us with pets and that if you no longer have a guide dog from the Danish Society for the Blind, we must notify Us with pets so that you are deleted as a customer again.

Before you start ordering food, it is important that you know the name of the food your dog usually eats, so that you can choose the right one.

Order via the website

When you have been set up as a Danish Society of the Blind customer with Us with pets , you can order feed from Hills and get 2 bags for the price of 1 bag.

You do the following:

Step 1. Go to and almost at the top you will find the link "Danish Blind Association". This will take you to a special website specially made for guide dog users. You can access this subpage directly with the link

Step 2 . Now you enter a page where all Hill's feed is available. If you press 1 with JAWS, you will get to the main heading of this page. After this, a filter appears where you can choose whether you only want to display feed in the Hill's Prescription Diet series or only the feed in the Hill's Science Plan series. You can also choose to only see dry food. You don't have to use these filters, but they are an option to hide the feed types you are not interested in, so you can find your way around more easily.

Step 3. With JAWS, you can now jump between the different feed names by pressing the letter H, as all products are marked as heading 2.

Step 4. If you know exactly what your feed is called, you can use JAWS to press control plus f to search and write the name of the feed, e.g. Hill's prescription diet W/D. Please note that some products have almost the same name, for example there are several types with the letters J/D. Ask your vet if you are in doubt about what to buy.

Step 5. When JAWS finds the search text, it initially appears on a picture and you are told the name of the feed. Press the down arrow to get to the link to the desired feed.

Step 6. When you are on the link for the desired feed, press enter, and now you will enter a description of the product. With JAWS, you can press H to skip all the top menu items and get to the relevant one. First there is something about the benefits of shopping at Us with pets , and then you come across a headline that says "sign up for fixed delivery & save money". You already get a 50 percent discount, so you don't save any more money, but you can save yourself from having to order every time if you sign up for fixed delivery here. First, you must choose whether you want fixed delivery, by default the choice is "do not want fixed delivery." If you choose to have fixed delivery, you must choose how often you want the feed delivered.

Step 7. Now you have to choose how many bags you want. To obtain a discount, you must choose at least 2 bags.

Step 8. When you have chosen the quantity, you can drop 1 time and choose "Add to basket", then you can continue shopping on the webshop and buy more, or you can drop once more and choose "Buy now", then you will continue in the order with the selected item in the basket.

Step 9. Now you get to the "Information" page, where you must enter your contact and delivery information. Below these input fields you can see your order summary, and under this you must remember to write the discount code to get the discount. The code is for all DBS guide dog users Once you have entered the code, select "Apply discount code". We are working so that this code can be applied automatically, but here at the beginning you have to write it yourself.

Step 10. Now you select the ""continue to delivery" button. Unfortunately, according to JAWS, the button is before the discount code field, so you have to go up a bit in the screen.

Step 11. Now you have to choose how you want the feed delivered. These are radio buttons, and if you want the feed delivered to your home, you must select the last option "Post Nord Omdeling til private" and select the "Continue to payment" button.

Step 12. Now you are on the payment screen, where you can choose 3 payment methods. The first one where JAWS says "ePay payment solutions" you must select if you want to pay by credit card. If you want to pay with MobilePay, select the 3rd radio button. Next, you must select the billing address, by default it is the same as the delivery address. Finally, select the "Review order" button to proceed.

Step 13. Now you can review your order and select "pay now" to proceed to the actual payment.

Step 14. The screen you now land on is unfortunately not part of Us with pets but an encrypted payment service, which leaves a little behind in terms of accessibility. However, work is being done to improve this. There are 3 options here, namely "payment card", "Mobile payment" and "Part payment". JAWS unfortunately does not tell you that these are links, but can activate the options if you press enter when JAWS reads, for example, the words "credit card" or "mobile payment". You will then proceed to the page where you must either enter your card details or your mobile number. In the screen with card information, you unfortunately cannot hit the "Make payment" button by pressing tab, but JAWS can find it when you move around the page with the arrow keys. In the image for mobile pay, you can hit the "Continue" button with a loss.

Step 15. You will then arrive at the receipt image and your order has been dispatched. Now it's just a matter of waiting for the feed to be delivered in a few days. It can be an advantage to register as a so-called private recipient fleece customer with Post Nord. Then they can leave the package at an agreed place at your address when you are not at home. See more here:

Order via E-mail

If you don't have the courage to order via the website Us with pets , you can send an email to once you have been created as a customer.

Here you must write which feed you want to order and how many bags, at least 2. You must also clearly write your name and preferably your address so they can find you, as well as how you want to pay.

You have the option of being sent an email with a link to the website where you or a relative can complete the payment online, see above from point 11. You can also be sent an invoice.