Black Friday or support animal welfare at - The choice is up to you?

Yes, it's up to you - it costs us the same

Black Friday is not a particularly special day here with us, we actually don't mind it to be honest - not that we are old-fashioned, but in our world we see no reason for such a day here in Denmark, where everything is almost always on sale.

We keep our prices low throughout the year, yes we celebrate birthdays and have specials offers all the time and that's just it, we have offers all the time and it is therefore difficult to make more offers, just because it has become modern 😜

So this year we had actually chosen not to hold Black Friday, but that we would give the discount you should have had to the animal shelter...

But it didn't turn out that way, because while I sit and plan and get it all ready, I come to the conclusion together with Katja (my wife and partner) that it could be a bit fun to see what you would choose yourself - is it just us who don't really care about black friday ??

Maybe because we're a bit old-fashioned anyway or because we sit and think about offers and newsletters all day and therefore read a lot about all these things.. Don't know - we really like Christmas and everything that goes with it... just not Black friday...

Well, the black friday 2019 concept is:

You can choose to save 25% on all accessories & equipment , as always there is no discount on medicines, flea remedies, biorb and a few other things.

Or you can choose to give the same 25% to dyrevæ there currently collecting the funds to kick off an awareness campaign!

The campaign must once and for all inform and educate about the downside of buying a dog or puppy from inhumane puppy mills read more here


" Black2019"

as much as 25% discount on your purchase of accessories & equipment until midnight Friday 29/11-2019 . - does not apply to feed and a few other things today... but there will soon be Cybermonday and January sales... so who knows :-)

You can also choose to give it all to ANIMAL PROTECTION with this DISCOUNT CODE:

"Close the puppy mills"

which is also a full 25% , they just go to a good cause and give you a 0% discount on your purchase of accessories & equipment . however, not on feed and few other things today.

The choice is yours 🥰 and you won't be looked at askance no matter what you choose :-)

You can only use 1 discount code and therefore you have to choose whether you want to keep Black Friday and take the 25% yourself or give the 25% to the animal shelter.

If you insert the discount code when paying, it will say 0% discount at the animal shelter and 25% discount at Black2019.

Yours sincerely

Jacob N Masters |

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