Create your own biosphere with biOrb Air 60

With biOrb AIR you can bring nature into your home. The humidity, light conditions and air supply to the plants are regulated automatically, so you can even grow tropical plants.

Your biOrb terrarium is a small, intelligent ecosystem. It comes with everything you need to get started on your new adventure right away. All you have to do is bring it to life. We show you how. All that's missing now are your favorite plants.

How to get your biOrb AIR started:

Do you want to create a little jungle in your apartment? It sounds complicated, but it's actually quick and easy. After setting up your biOrb, it only takes a few steps to give your favorite plants a new home.

Use our inspiring ideas to bring your biOrb AIR to life.

biOrb Air 60 - ALL IN ONE
You can set up your biOrb AIR wherever you want in your apartment. Even in a dark corner, because daylight is automatically simulated. The terrarium is immediately ready to be planted.

LED lighting unit
Automatic 24-hour light cycle for healthy plants

Smart care
Automatically controlled humidity, watering and air circulation

Easy cleaning
Guaranteed easy cleaning and maintenance

Inspired by nature
BiOrb AIR is a mini ecosystem - following nature's example