Here at Us with pets you will find everything for budgies, parrots and other birds. We have something for everyone and always a large selection of quality products at competitive prices, so at Us with pets you will find everything you need for your bird within feed, toys, snacks and other accessories for birds and we always have a lot of good offers, both on equipment and feed. So with Us with pets you will never go wrong in the city..

Large range of equipment for birds at competitive prices

At Us with pets you will find everything you need for your budgies, parrots, canaries, parakeets, lovebirds, tropical birds and if you are looking for things for the beautiful wild birds in the garden, click here . In our category for budgies and other domestic birds, you will also find lots of different food for birds, which also includes species-specific bird food, pellets and of course also bird treats.

In our large and wide range, you will also easily find a new cage or aviary that suits both you and your birds' needs and that suits the style you have in your home.

And since birds are very intelligent animals, they need lots of daily activation and you will therefore constantly have to come up with new and fun activities, which you can read more about on our blog post about keeping birds .

But you, as the owner of a bird, will have to find new toys with which you can activate your bird, and therefore we also have one of Denmark's largest, if not the largest selection of bird toys in both natural wood, plastic, climbing ropes, bells, playgrounds, climbing frames, swings and much more.

The good thing is that you will find lots of bird toys here, which help to give your bird new experiences and stimulate the bird, which enables it to activate it in daily life, so that your bird has a long and active life.

Bird food for budgies

The budgie lives in huge flocks and originates from Australia, where it is widespread throughout the country, where they fly incredibly far every day and come far and wide to find food, which in nature consists a lot of grass seeds, which makes sense, since budgies are a seed-eating parrot species that eats virtually all seeds, fruit, vegetables and much more. But since in nature they primarily feed on grass seeds and have to fly incredibly long distances every day in order to get enough food, which is an amount of exercise that is difficult to live up to at home in the living room, you have to be extremely careful about the weight when it comes for budgies and other birds that we keep at home.

At Us with pets you will therefore also find a good selection of budgie food from the leading manufacturers in bird food, but also pellets, which we can highly recommend. Read more about pellets here .

Also watch these 2 short films with wild budgies in Australia from the BBC:

As mentioned, the budgerigar really appreciates fruit and vegetables, and you can therefore greatly benefit from supplementing your budgerigar's feed with e.g. cucumber, carrot and salad. But remember the weight and you should give fruit and seeds/pellets in different bowls.

And remember that your budgie must always have access to fresh drinking water around the clock.

We recommend that, in addition to giving it everything you can to help it keep its claws and nails looking good, which can be done with toys made of branches and wood, you offer the parakeet a limestone, which gives it calcium and at the same time it gets its beak sharpened.

Bird food for parakeets

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of seed mixes for parakeets. We have the most well-known brands and in different flavors. You can therefore easily find a seed mix that suits your parakeet. Parakeets are also very happy with fresh fruit and vegetables, and you can therefore benefit from supplementing the normal daily seed mix with some extra delicious fruit or vegetables. We can e.g. recommend carrots, broccoli, apples, pears, rowan berries and oranges. If you use both a seed mixture and fresh fruit/vegetables, the feed must always be divided into different bowls so that the seed mixture does not become moist from the juice from the fruit. In addition, the parakeets must always have access to fresh drinking water around the clock.

Bird food for the canary

The canary lives wild on Madeira, the Azores and the Canary Islands. The canary is not a flock animal, but thrives in the company of its own species traps. You can tame a canary, but it takes time and patience. The canary feeds mainly on seeds, which means you should offer your canary a good seed mix daily. At Us with pets, we offer several different canary seed mixes. You are therefore always sure of being able to find a good basic food for your canary right here with us. You can also benefit from supplementing the daily seed mixture with fruit and vegetables - your canary will greatly appreciate that. We can e.g. suggest the following treats: apricot, watercress, raw beetroot, currants, corn, bean sprouts, cauliflower and chilli, and these are just a few suggestions on how you can spoil your canary a little extra. However, always remember that the seed mixture and fruit/vegetables must be served in separate bowls and the canary must always have access to fresh drinking water.

Bird food for parrots

Parrots are very social animals and it is therefore recommended that they be kept as a pair. We offer a wide selection of parrot seed mixes. We have seed mixes for both large and small parrots. In addition to the daily seed mix, we recommend that you also give your parrot fruit and vegetables. By doing this, you vary its diet and you help it to stay healthy and fit.

Bird treats

Birds also like to be pampered once in a while. You can therefore always find a large selection of delicious and tasty bird treats. Bird treats are suitable as a supplement to the daily bird feed as they help to maintain your bird's beak and claws. However, you should not give too many of these, as you may risk your bird becoming too fat.

Bird cages and aviaries

It is not always practical to let your birds fly freely around the home. That is why we offer a wide selection of bird cages for budgies, canaries, parrots and parakeets at favorable prices. In other words, we have bird cages for both small and large birds.

Bird toys

Birds are smart animals, and therefore need activation in everyday life. At Us with pets you will find an exciting and wide selection of species-correct bird toys suitable for budgies, parakeets, parrots, canaries and tropical birds. You can therefore always find a bird toy with us that suits your bird's needs.

Nesting materials and nest boxes

Birds have different requirements and needs for nest boxes and nesting material. At Us with pets you will find a wide selection of nest boxes made in different materials. We have made it easy for you to find the nest box and nesting material that suits your birds.

Trough, bathtub and perches

When the birdcage needs to be furnished, you can find everything in accessories for the birdcage at Os with pets. We have a wide selection of water troughs, feed troughs, bathtubs and perches.

Accessories game birds

We offer a wide selection of automatic feeders and wild bird feed. When to feed the wild birds? Most people choose to feed in the winter, but it is recommended that you feed the wild birds all year round. Studies carried out both at home and abroad have shown that it is better for the birds to be fed all year round. By feeding year-round, you help the birds build up enough fat and energy to give them a better chance of surviving the winter. We recommend that you vary the supply of feed, thereby attracting several different bird species to the garden. Do not fill up more feed in the feeders or on the feed board than is eaten, this way you avoid visits from uninvited guests, such as mice and rats. At Us with pets you will find a wide selection of accessories for game birds. We have many different types of automatic feeders for tit balls, sunflower seeds, nuts and bird seeds. We offer feeders that can be hung up and feeding boards that can stand freely. You can easily move a feeding board around if you don't want the feeding area to be in the same place all the time. Would you like to give the small wild birds a helping hand with a good breeding ground? Then you can find with us a selection of nest boxes that offer the birds shelter from wind and weather. A nest box also helps protect the eggs and chicks from predators.


Birds need vitamins just like us. We therefore offer a wide selection of nutritious vitamins for your birds.

Mineral stone, sand and pipe

For ground cover in the bird cage, we recommend that you use bird sand or bird sand paper, depending on the bird species. At Us with pets you will always find a large selection of fine and coarse bird sand, sandpaper and mineral stone. We have bird sand suitable for all bird cages.

Bird books

A good book is always an obvious gift idea and if you want to please a bird enthusiast, you can always find a selection of exciting and educational bird books about feeding, care and care at Us with pets.