Choose 3 bags of luxury treats for your dog for only DKK 60. Many varieties!

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Now you can choose 3 bags of luxury treats for your dog from this category and only pay NOK 60 for them! To take advantage of the 3-for-60 offer, in this category you just have to choose 3 bags of treats that your dog loves, and the discount will be calculated at checkout - you can mix the different treats from this category as you like want it. We reserve the right to make mistakes, but should there be anything, call or write to us. If your dog is ill or has a condition that means it cannot have normal treats, look under our category " Veterinary treats" here you will find treats for dogs on diet food from the vet.

So start choosing 3 bags of luxury treats for only NOK 60. There are many varieties, chew sticks, pure meat treats, small, large, hard, soft, grain-free - so there is probably someone your dog will love :-)