Trough, bathtub & perches

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Seat post Y-shaped

24,95 DKK – 29,95 DKK
Natural living perches - Y-shaped w/ screw mount Natural Living is a range of products in robust natural wood and original bark.

Bird bath for budgies and small birds, transparent

54,95 DKK
Bathtub angular transparent plastic to hang in front of the bars colour: transparent This is approx. Measure as it is a bit difficult to measure, but then you can get...

Hanging vessel

14,95 DKK – 24,95 DKK
Water and food bowl for hanging for birds, degus, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and much more. Asst. colors - There is rubber around the steel hook so that it does...

Perches in rope for birds

44,95 DKK – 49,95 DKK
Perch in rope Multicolored - pure cotton - for flexible shapes - can be fixed in all positions

Steel bowl with holder for the bird or rodent cage

24,95 DKK – 49,95 DKK
Steel bowl with holder for the bird or rodent cage - for parrots, budgies or rodents - for suspension - chrome-plated holder

Water and feed dispenser

14,95 DKK – 19,95 DKK
Water and feed dispensers in one and the same. You decide! Measurements: 11 cm Contents: 50 ml Asst. colors Easy to hang up, easy to take down.
water dispenser 11cm, 50ml, 16 cm, 130 ml

Steel food bowl with holder

29,95 DKK – 44,95 DKK
Stainless steel food bowl with holder for parrots and budgies with screw mount so it stays hanging :) chrome-plated holder

Perch for birds and parrots

44,95 DKK – 154,95 DKK
Living World perch "Pedi-Perch" Ergonomically correct perch with minerals for all birds including parrots (be careful to choose the right size, rather too big than too small). With metal screws...
XS - 11 cm (Mini), S - 16 cm, M - 20.5 cm, L - 34 cm

Birds Water and feed holder for the cage, 2-pack

39,95 DKK
Water and feed holder one and the same. You decide! Bowl with perch d and lid. Put in the hole in the birdcage. 2 pcs transparent Easy to hang up,...

Bird toys, climbing frame

29,95 DKK – 44,95 DKK
Animal-friendly design - climbing frame with perches tree with bark

2 universal bird/rodent holder

14,95 DKK
2 universal holders for birds/rodents. can hold fruit, etc. so that it does not lie on the bottom of the cage Supplied in assorted colours.

Fruit holder for the bird/rodent cage

29,95 DKK24,95 DKK
Fruit holder to hang up in the bird and/or rodent cage Measurements: 20 cm - metal

Water dispenser for birds

19,95 DKK
Water dispenser for birds Measurements: 14 cm Contents: 65 ml Ace colors

Perch for parrots, sharpens nails & beak

99,95 DKK – 124,95 DKK
Birrdeeez Coral Sand Perch Perch with rough sand structure for large birds. Ensures excellent natural care of nails and beak. This perch can be placed anywhere in the cage and...
30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm

Hanging baskets for birds and rodents

24,95 DKK
2 nice hangers for your bird or rodent. They measure 6.8 cm and 4.3 cm.

Bird troughs, side sticks, and a small bath are indispensable when you have to furnish a cozy space for your bird :)

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