Toothbrushes for dogs

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Plaque Off for the prevention of plaque and tartar

179,00 DKK – 649,95 DKK
Plaque Off for the prevention of plaque and tartar. Feed supplement that prevents tartar and bad breath in dogs and cats. PlaqueOff is a 100% natural product consisting of powder...

Virbac Vet Aquadent 250 or 500 ml Anti-plaque solution for drinking water

129,00 DKK – 216,00 DKK
Vet Aquadent Anti-plaque solution for drinking water (For both dogs and cats) Vet Aquadent from Virbac is a tasty liquid that is added to the dog's or cat's drinking water....

Dog toothbrush, Petosan Oral Cleaner for dogs

54,95 DKK
Microfiber "finger dut" for cleaning the dog's teeth and gums.. Petosan Oral Cleaner is an antimicrobial, chemical-free, self-cleaning microfiber finger cloth that helps remove plaque and bacteria in the mouth....

Toothbrush for dogs with large and small brush head

9,95 DKK
for dogs large brush head for front teeth small brush head for molars for better oral hygiene available in assorted colors 1 piece

Dog toothbrush, finger silicone toothbrush for dogs

54,95 DKK
Vets Best Finger Toothbrush for puppies and adult dogs in Comfortable and safe design Vet's Best Silicone finger toothbrushes 5 pcs per pack. makes it easy to clean the dog's...

Dog dental care set for dogs, with toothbrushes and toothpaste

49,95 DKK
A set with everything :-) Toothpaste with mint flavor for dogs, used together with one of the dog toothbrushes Tooth brushing prevents tartar, bad breath and improves oral hygiene. The...

Diafarm toothpaste for dogs with enzymes

64,95 DKK
Prevents tartar. Counteracts bad breath and improves oral hygiene. Dog toothpaste. Neutral taste. Use Diafarm toothpaste for dogs to prevent tartar and periodontal problems and for better breath. Instructions for...

Dog toothbrush, Double toothbrush for dogs

54,95 DKK
3 DIVIDED TOOTHBRUSH Vets Best 3 part toothbrush, 21 cm makes it easy to clean the dog's teeth and prevent bad breath. used together with toothpaste for a better result....

Toothpaste Vet's Best, for dogs

74,95 DKK
Toothpaste gel 100 grams Daily brushing of your dog's or cat's teeth is the best way to achieve maximum protection of your dog's teeth and gums. Effective Vet's Best Dental...

Dental care fingertip, disposable, Vets Best Clean

49,95 DKK

Oral spray for dogs from Petosan

109,95 DKK
Gives the dog fresh breath and helps prevent plaque. Petosan was developed by a team of Scandinavian dentists, veterinarians and leading toothbrush manufacturers. Its innovative design has proven to be...