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Dog toys Durable, Tretraflex

59,95 DKK – 94,95 DKK
Medium, Small

Starmark Dog treats for Starmark, Treat Rod

59,95 DKK – 89,95 DKK
Medium (3 pcs 8cm Ø23mm) Offer, note Date 13.03.21, Large (3pcs 14cm Ø23mm) Offer, note Date 13.03.21

Starmark Dog treats Treat for Starmark Dog toys, teeth cleaner

19,95 DKK – 49,95 DKK
Small Offer, note Date 13.03.21, Medium, Large Offer, note Date 13.03.21

Starmark Dog Toy Durable, BentoBall

84,95 DKK – 159,95 DKK
Small 6.5 cm, Medium 9 cm, Large 12 cm

Starmark Dog Toy Durable, Bob A Mot

149,95 DKK – 189,95 DKK
Small, Large

Starmark Dog Toy Durable, Chew Ball

109,95 DKK – 169,95 DKK
Medium 7cm, M/L 9cm, Large 10cm

Starmark Dog Toy Durable, Crunching Multiball

89,95 DKK – 144,95 DKK
Medium, Large

Starmark Dog Toy Durable, FirePlug

89,95 DKK – 224,95 DKK
Small 6 cm, Medium 8.5 cm, Large 11 cm

Starmark Dog Toy Durable, Foam Ball

39,95 DKK – 64,95 DKK
Medium, Large

Starmark Dog Toy Durable, Foam Ball with rope

89,95 DKK – 109,95 DKK
Medium 7cm, Large 9.5cm

Starmark Dog Toy Durable, GroovyBall

89,95 DKK – 229,95 DKK
Small (dogs under 6 kg), Medium (dogs between 6 - 16 kg), Large (dogs over 16 kg)

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All Starmark products are unique, both in terms of design, but especially durability. Even the most destructive dogs are rarely able to destroy the material.

We would argue that it is one of the strongest dog toys on the market, while keeping the dog busy for hours.

"Send your dog to work" with Starmark products, and make the dog naturally tired, to the benefit of both the dog and its surroundings.

REMEMBER to always choose a size of Starmark's products that is larger than the dog's mouth, for safety reasons.

Starmark products were invented by the Triple Crown Dog Academy,
which is one of the world's leading behavior and dog training centers, located in the USA.

All Starmark products are packed in beautifully designed packaging.