Organic dog and cat food

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The organic choice

Organic products are grown without pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Organic farming with livestock takes place without the regular and prophylactic use of antibiotics. Animal welfare is at the heart of the system, and organic production gives the animals a freer life.

Part of your lifestyle

There are many reasons why you choose organic products as part of your lifestyle, from animal welfare to the environment. So it makes sense that you would now want to extend this to all parts of your life, including natural dog food.

Production of organic feed

Organic feed is produced without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers and with animals that are raised and handled according to clear rules for organic farming with regard to feed, housing and medical treatment.

Your guarantee for ecology

Our organic feed products contain at least 95% ingredients of controlled, certified origin, and are certified by Austria Bio Garantie – the Austrian authority for the control of organic agriculture and production.