Shampoo & Conditioner for dogs

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Allerderm Calm 200 ml

179,00 DKK165,00 DKK
Shampoo for delicate and irritated skin, 200 ml. Allerderm Calm has a calming and soothing effect on very red and irritated skin. TECHNOLOGIES: SIS: Skin Innovative ScienceTM: Minimizes binding of...

Allerderm Moist 200 ml

179,00 DKK165,00 DKK
Shampoo for scaly and oily skin, 200 ml. Allerderm Moist removes dandruff and has a degreasing and softening effect on the skin. It is recommended to use Humilac moisture spray...

Allerderm Scrub 200 ml

179,00 DKK165,00 DKK
Cleansing shampoo for unclean skin in dogs and cats Allerderm Scrub contains 3% chlorhexidine. Minimizes binding of microorganisms to the skin (Glycotechnology). Patented encapsulation system that provides a progressive release...

B&B mini shake'n shine, 100ml

89,00 DKK
Mini shake'n shine Finish spray with many functions: Natural coat lift and shine spray, which highlights the fur's natural colours. Shake'n shine adds moisture and cleans the fur while giving...

B&B Fur cure 200ml

189,95 DKK
Fur cure 200ml The fur treatment is a deeply nourishing and highly moisturizing, natural treatment for the fur, which deserves the best. Contains, among other things, Shea butter and Sage....

B&B super absorbent nano towel

99,00 DKK – 149,00 DKK
B&B Towel Super absorbent, quick drying, nano towel in incredibly soft quality. This quick-drying towel is an absolute must-have for all dog owners. The towel is odor neutralizing, quick-drying, and...
55 x 90 cm, 120 x 70 cm

B&B Dry shampoo for dogs - with Jasmine

174,95 DKK
Dry shampoo with Milk and Jasmine for dogs. Cleansing and degreasing dry shampoo that absorbs fat and moisture and transports dust and dirt out of the fur. Used in dry...

B&B organic dog balm with rose oil

114,95 DKK – 244,95 DKK
B&B organic conditioner with rose oil leaves the coat soft, shiny and thoroughly delicious. Rose oil gives a light and airy coat and makes styling a breeze. Your advantages: √...

B&B organic dog shampoo 2in1 Lemon balm

114,95 DKK – 244,95 DKK
The dog groomer's own organic shampoo with conditioner effect. Melissa has a soothing effect on the skin. Can be used for all breeds where you want a deliciously soft and...

B&B organic dog shampoo with Jojoba

114,95 DKK – 239,95 DKK
B&B organic dog shampoo with jojoba and Aloe Vera. The jojoba plant has been known throughout the ages for its many beneficial properties. The shampoo is very effective against dry...

B&B organic dog shampoo with lavender

114,95 DKK – 244,95 DKK
The dog groomer's own organic shampoo with lavender and Aloe Vera, which allows you to give your dog the best. You get a shampoo with only natural ingredients. Lavender has...

B&B organic dog shampoo Shampoo bar

149,00 DKK
Shampoo bar Chrysanthemum/Jojoba B&B organic shampoo bar - Recommended for white dogs It does not get any easier! Take your organic shampoo bar with you everywhere. Apply to wet fur....

B&B organic perfume-free dog balm - Leaves the fur shiny and delicious.

114,95 DKK – 239,95 DKK
Organic Neutral conditioner makes the coat soft and shiny, without making it heavy or greasy. Easier release. With organic Aloe Vera and almond oil for an extra mild and natural...
250 ml, 750 ml

B&B organic perfume-free dog shampoo - Leaves the fur shiny and delicious.

114,95 DKK – 239,95 DKK
B&B Neutral shampoo with organic Aloe Vera is aimed at you or the dog who cannot tolerate any kind of added fragrance and colour. A completely "clean" shampoo, just with...
250 ml, 750 ml

Cologne for puppies & kittens, baby powder scent, Espree puppy & kitten spray

79,95 DKK
PUPPY & KITTEN BABY POWDER COLOGNE Neutralizes bad odor and leaves the fur fresh with a scent of baby powder. 118 ml
It is important to make sure that your dog receives the right care with shampoo and conditioner. We have organic products for this purpose.