Cat beds and cat dens

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Dog blanket, Vet Bed w/rubber base - beige or grey

164,95 DKK – 259,95 DKK
100 X 75 cm, 50 x 75

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of beds and dens for cats. We have, among other things, beds, pillows, dens, bunks and blankets in various sizes, shapes and designs.

Some cats prefer dens where they can snuggle and where there is peace and quiet, while other cats prefer open beds where they can be near the rest of the family and keep an eye on what else is going on. We have a bit of everything, so you can find exactly the sleeping space that suits your cat.

Which bed should I choose for my cat?

As a new cat owner, it can seem overwhelming with the selection of beds, dens and pillows that you can choose from for your cat - because what is really best? Kittens will typically be more open and less biased towards new sleeping places, while older cats have their preferences. Cats are very much creatures of habit and will typically seek out what they know and which they already like.

If you buy an older cat, it is therefore a good idea to ask for the old sleeping space, regardless of whether it is a cave, pillow, bed or a blanket. From there you can present new options to the cat, which it can accept or not.

It can be a good idea to offer different types of beds around the home, regardless of whether it is a kitten, young cat or older cat. Choose e.g. a pillow or blanket for the chaise longue on the sofa, a den for the kitchen and a bunk for the scratching board. Then the cat also has a place to lounge, regardless of where in the home it stays.

That's why cats like caves

It is a completely natural instinct for cats to hide and stay in safe places when they sleep. In a cave, the cat cannot be seen by potential enemies. That instinct is still present in many cats, even if they are domesticated and live in a safe and secure home. Therefore, many will prefer to "hide" while they sleep. It can be in a specially designed cave or under the covers in the bed.

Therefore, always make sure that there is at least one place in the home where the cat can hide. If it does not want to sleep there, it can use the place as a "safe place", if it e.g. becomes frightened or uneasy. Leave the den somewhere where the cat is not disturbed and where children and other animals in the household do not have easy access.