Paw, claw and nail care for dogs

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B&B Organic Paw Care 100ml

104,95 DKK99,95 DKK
B&B Organic Paw Care 100ml With the special composition of almond oil, apricot oil, olive oil, lavender oil, as well as wheat bran, glycerin and olive oil, we have succeeded...

Dog boots, Walker active, 2-pack

139,95 DKK – 164,95 DKK
Dog boots, Walker active, 2-pack Nice pack of 2 practical dog shoes for dogs that need protection for their paws, either due to injuries or due to frost/snow. the sole...
XS, XS-S, Sm, M, M/L, L, L-XL, xl

KW Paw care spray with aloe vera 50ml

94,95 DKK
KW POT SPRAY WITH ALOE VERA 50 ml Paw spray protects the dog's footpads in salt and slush, as it helps to keep the footpads soft and flexible. Paw spray...


79,95 DKK
KW POTATO WAX CREAM TUBE 50 g Places a protective membrane over the dog's foot pads. Protects against water, frost, salt etc. Also provides non-slip paws on indoor exhibitions and...

Nail file for all animals

44,95 DKK
Used for sharpening nails on all animals after clipping.

Nail scissors MINI - Cutting nails on rodents, birds, cats and small dogs

59,95 DKK
Nail scissors MINI - Cutting nails on rodents, birds, cats and small dogs Produced from hardened stainless steel for optimal cutting effect. Used for clipping the nails of small dogs,...

Nail clippers for small dogs (with stop)

99,95 DKK
A really good nail clipper in good quality, our dog groomer in Foderboxen Skovlunde highly recommends this for small dogs. However, you should NEVER trust that you will not cut...

Nail scissors, nail pliers from B&B

99,00 DKK – 109,00 DKK
B&B nail clippers for dogs available in 2 sizes
Small/Medium, Medium/Large

Nail scissors, nail pliers for dogs' nails

89,95 DKK – 129,95 DKK
KW Nail clippers for all dogs. There are 2 sizes, one for smaller dogs, one for larger dogs.

Pawz Dog Shoes, Camo

169,95 DKK – 199,95 DKK
Pawz Dog shoes, black PawZ dog shoes - Color: black - 12 pcs./ 3 sets in a pack. Disposable dog shoes made of 100% natural rubber. The shoes sit well...
XX-Small, 3.8 cm, Eg. pomeranian, dachshund, X-Small, 5.1 cm, Eg. toy fox terrier, pekingese, Small, 6.4 cm, Eg. terrier, french bulldog, Medium, 7.6 cm, Eg. shepherd, golden retriever, Large, 10.2 cm, Eg. Rottweiler, Irish Wolfhound, X-Large, 12.7 cm, Eg. Mastiff, Newfoundland

Potato shears, very good quality

209,95 DKK
Scissors for dog paws

Paw wax Deluxe, hard

149,95 DKK129,00 DKK
POTATO WAX Deluxe PENCIL 17 ml In addition to a practical and targeted size, this luxurious paw wax contains many Danish beneficial ingredients that provide thorough long-lasting care and at...

Paw wax, protective anti frost cream, 50 ml

54,95 DKK
Diafarm paw wax is used to protect paws from salt, gravel and other sharp objects. Diafarm paw wax creates a protective film layer and is particularly good for protection against...

Paw wax, stick

89,95 DKK
KW POTATO WAX STICK 15 G Places a protective film over the dog's foot pads and is suitable for dogs when they are aired in the cold winter period, as...
If your dog has sore paws, paw care may be recommended. We sell e.g. paw cream and dog boots, which can remedy your dog's paw problems.