Care products & fur care for rodents

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B&B Dutkarte for untangling felt, knots, loose hair, underwool or during shedding, with wooden handle

179,95 DKK
Dut brush from B&B Dut brush for detangling felt, knots, loose hair, undercoat or when shedding. Gentle card with angled sticks and protective pads. B&B's handmade Dut brush for detangling...

B&B Gold Comb 16cm

99,00 DKK
Gold comb 16 cm B&B Guldkam has been specially developed for removing undercoat, protection against felt and for the optimal care of long fur. Use your gold comb after you...

B&B organic care product against vermin for animals and the environment

179,00 DKK
B&B Organic Tick & Flea Pet Guard Non-toxic and effective skin care, based on natural and organic ingredients. Can soothe skin problems caused by insects Instructions: Spray the entire coat...

Soft brush for rabbits and small rodents

29,95 DKK
Soft natural brush for rabbits and smaller rodents so that it can learn that it is nice to be rescued.

Brush with a mix of pig hair and nylon bristles

114,95 DKK – 124,95 DKK
KW PIG HAIR BRUSH MIX A boar bristle brush that prevents static electricity. The mix brush (pig hair mixed with nylon bristles) makes it easier to work through the coat....
small, big

FURminator Nail clippers for dogs and cats

154,95 DKK
Strong nail clippers from FURminator in high quality that ensure good clipping of your pet's nails.

Rubber brush

59,95 DKK
SMART RUBBER BRUSH Used to remove loose hair in short- and stock-haired breeds and cats. Instructions: Dog: Move the Smart Rubber Brush in circular motions on the body so that the...

Garlic drops for animals - good against fleas, tick shedding and good for the skin etc

209,00 DKK – 499,00 DKK
Garlic drops for animals - good against fleas, tick shedding and good for the skin etc A pure natural product that should be given every day! Pet-Gourmet's Garlic Drops should...
10 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml

Massage brush, rubber

64,95 DKK
SMART MASSAGE RUBBER BRUSH WITH STRAP Massage brush is used to massage the body and remove loose hair in short-haired and stock-haired breeds. e.g. Beagle, Danish Swedish Shepherd, Weimaraner, Labrador,...

Nail scissors MINI - Cutting nails on rodents, birds, cats and small dogs

59,95 DKK
Nail scissors MINI - Cutting nails on rodents, birds, cats and small dogs Produced from hardened stainless steel for optimal cutting effect. Used for clipping the nails of small dogs,...

Smart soft carde with dapper

49,95 DKK – 84,95 DKK
Soft carde with dapper from KW Used for examining sensitive animals with long fur or rough hair. Brush the coat gently in the direction of hair growth. brush one section...
Small 6 x 14 cm, Between 8 x 14 cm, Large 11 x 14 cm

Smart carde - self-cleaning

79,95 DKK – 94,95 DKK
SMART CARD LARGE SELF-CLEANING Used for detangling animals with long fur or rough hair. When the pad is full of untangled hairs, press the button and the hairs are released...
Small, Between, Big

Smart double comb

74,95 DKK – 79,95 DKK
SMART DOUBLE COMB Used for detangling animals with long fur or rough hair. Double comb is primarily used for styling the head and paws. Practical for exhibition use.
Small - 13 cm, Large - 16 cm

Smart flexcard

124,95 DKK – 129,95 DKK
SMART FLEX CARD Specially developed for unraveling matted fur. Double-sided flexible card with 1 soft and 1 hard side, makes brushing easier, more efficient and more comfortable.
Small - 5 x 19 cm, Medium - 7 x 20 cm

Smart comb

49,95 DKK – 64,95 DKK
Coarse, Fine, Between

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of care products and fur care for rodents. We have e.g. shampoo, brushes, combs, care product against vermin, nail clippers and Zoolac for an upset stomach. Most rodents can benefit from a bath at regular intervals, and the long-haired rabbits and guinea pigs can benefit from regular brushing, so that you avoid the fur tangling, which can be painful for the animal.

In nature, rodents will not have a problem with keeping their nails down, but there are not always the same options in a cage - Remember a cage is only for living and not somewhere a rabbit has to sit all its life and look out. A rabbit also does not always have the same opportunities as a free rabbit in an apartment, because a rabbit needs to dig long tunnels etc. which you cannot give them the same opportunity for in an apartment, and therefore you should keep an eye on the length of the nails and possibly cut them if necessary.

Fur care rabbits

Most rabbits with normal, short fur will typically not have much need for fur care. They manage that themselves. It looks different with long-haired rabbits such as Teddy bunnies who may need help keeping their fur from tangling and causing pain.

Some rabbits like to be brushed - and it can be a way of being social with your rabbit. Indoor rabbits that have accidentally lain on leftovers and slept may also need a bath to avoid smelling, but the rabbit should be used to this from a young age, as it will otherwise be stressed in the situation.

On the other hand, rabbits in cages should have their nails and teeth checked regularly to ensure that they do not grow inappropriately much and you must remember that a cage is only for accommodation, as a rabbit must have space and you should not acquire a rabbit there , if you think it can be in a cage all day, it requires space and it must have the opportunity to get out all day. The teeth can typically be held down with mineral or limestone, but there may be genetic reasons why the teeth still grow more than the rabbit can manage to grind itself. In that case, it requires a trip to the vet. You can, on the other hand, cut the nails yourself with nail scissors for rodents. It's not much different from clipping the claws of dogs - just in a smaller format. Be careful not to cut off too much and, if necessary, consult a veterinarian the first time the claws need to be clipped. In nature, rabbits dig a lot, which keeps their claws down, but it will not always be possible to give a rabbit in captivity the same opportunities as it has in nature - if you don't give them a good bite of the garden - something that is definitely , to prefer.

Guinea pig fur care

Short-haired guinea pigs will typically not require a great deal of fur care, but may occasionally need a bath. It is important to get the guinea pig used to bathing, right from the time it is young, so that the adult guinea pig does not become stressed in an unfamiliar situation.

Long-haired guinea pigs may need regular bathing and combing of their fur to prevent it from tangling, which can be painful. If the damage has occurred, it can often be better to cut off the tangled fur completely than to try to repair the damage with a comb.

Guinea pigs in cages may need nail trimming. The nails are immediately easy to cut with nail scissors for rodents, but it is important that you take care of the blood vessels in the nails so that you do not cut too far in. If necessary, consult a veterinarian the first time.