Dietary supplements & Grooming products for cats

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Allerderm Moist 200 ml

179,00 DKK165,00 DKK

Allerderm Scrub 200 ml

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B&B super absorbent nano towel

99,00 DKK – 149,00 DKK
55 x 90 cm, 120 x 70 cm

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of care products for your cat. We have everything from shampoos, brushes and combs to ear and eye care products, furminators and dental care products. Everything is carefully selected, so you are sure of the best selection for your cat.

Depending on the cat's breed, it will need fur care; either in the form of frequent or regular brushing or combing, as well as baths and haircuts. But cats may also need extra care for wounds, illness or injuries. See the selection on this page.

What care does my cat need?

Cats are very different and need different types of care. Typically, general recommendations will follow for purebred cats, while it can be a matter of assessment for mixed and domestic cats.

Brushing and combing

In general, cats with long fur need to be combed several times a week to ensure that the fur does not tangle, which can be painful for the cat. Cats with long fur also have a greater tendency to get dirty and will need to be bathed more frequently. Which type of shampoo you should choose depends on the cat's coat and skin in general. However, always choose a shampoo intended for cats to avoid drying out.

Most cats with shorter fur will not have the major challenges of grooming themselves by licking themselves. However, brushing or bathing may periodically be needed if the cat is particularly dirty. Some cats will also enjoy being "massaged" with a brush.

Nail clipping

Cats hiss their claws to keep them short (and to give off scent trails). As a rule, they will not need nail clipping, but there may be special cases. Is the cat e.g. sick or injured, it is not certain that it can cope with the whistling itself, and it will therefore need nail trimming. Here, choose a nail clipper designed for cats and be careful not to cut off too much to avoid hitting the blood vessels.

Dental care

By nature, cats will cope with natural tooth cleaning through what they eat. But wild cats also have a greater risk of bad teeth and gums and the pain that may come with it. You can therefore do your cat a great favor by incorporating dental care into your everyday life. If you start right from when the cat is a kitten, you may be able to teach it to brush its teeth with a soft baby toothbrush and toothpaste for cats. Alternatively, you can buy dental care products that e.g. prevents plaque and tartar.