Other accessories for dogs

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Decal, Collie small

29,95 DKK

Decals Dog

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Sign: "Here I guard!"

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Sign: "Here we guard!"

49,95 DKK – 79,95 DKK
43 x 20 cm, 22 x 10 cm

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of other accessories for dogs, including stickers for doors or windows, so that strangers or outsiders are made aware that a dog is kept, as well as signs to put in the garden, hedge or driveway for a friendly way of asking dog owners to make sure their dogs don't mess up on your property.

"Here I am watching" signs have proven effective in reducing the risk of burglary, and it is therefore a very good idea to sign that you are a dog owner.

Dogs are among the best anti-theft deterrents

Of course, you should not get a dog solely to secure the home against thieves, but it can be nice to know that most thieves stay away if they can hear or see that there is a dog in the home. The small, harmless breeds rarely have an effect; it can typically be heard in the dog's barking how big (and protective) the dog is.

German Shepherds and Rottweilers are typical guard dogs, which usually take good care of their homes; regardless of whether anyone is home or not. Few people will try to break into a house where a large and aggressive dog is standing on the other side of the door or window, baring and baring its teeth.

If you have such a dog, it might be a good idea to show it off already at the gate with a picture of a dog or the text "Her vogter jeg" as a sticker. In this way, potential thieves are warned very early on to stay away. At the same time, you make visitors aware that a dog is kept, so that you avoid the dog startling with its presence.

Avoid dog poop in the front yard

If you have a front garden or terrace next to a pavement, quite a few dog owners typically pass by, and unfortunately not all dog owners are equally good at picking up after their four-legged friend. However, it can have an effect if they are directly asked for it in the form of a sign. The sign should preferably be humorous, as passers-by will then take extra notice of it. For example, choose a sign with the text "No shit" or "HOV! Didn't you forget something?”.

Always place the litter sign so that it cannot be overlooked and reduce the risk of residues on the lawn or tiles.