Corner toilet and accessories for rodents

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2 universal bird/rodent holder

14,95 DKK
2 universal holders for birds/rodents. can hold fruit, etc. so that it does not lie on the bottom of the cage Supplied in assorted colours.

Corner toilet for hamsters and mice

14,95 DKK
Corner toilet for hamsters and mice Dimensions: 16 x 7 x 12/12 cm - plastic - makes the cage easy to keep clean - hygienic and easy to clean -...

Corner toilet for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets etc

34,95 DKK – 64,95 DKK
Corner toilet for rodents - plastic - with holder - helps keep the cage clean - hygienic and easy to clean - reduces gravel consumption available in several colors
36 x 21 x 30/30cm, 45 x 21 x 30/30cm

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of other accessories for rodents. You can e.g. buy corner toilets with and without a roof, vegetable holder and universal holders. A corner toilet in particular is a necessity in a rodent cage, as rodents are generally very clean animals that will prefer to defecate in the same place. With a corner toilet, you are free to clean the cage just as often, as you can simply empty the toilet on a daily basis.

All products are carefully selected with a focus on quality and functionality, so you can find the market's best products for your rodent right here.

Teach your rabbit to be clean

Rabbits and other rodents are generally very clean animals that will choose a corner and use it as a toilet. Therefore, rabbits can also be easily trained to be clean and run freely in the home - just like a dog or a cat.

If you would like the rabbit to run around freely, it is an advantage that it only uses its cage or parts of the cage as a toilet. You teach it that by letting it sit in the cage for the first 2-3 days when you get it home. In this way, it learns that the cage is its territory and that it is here that it is allowed to feed. You should therefore not let it out in the home for the first few days; pet it in the cage instead.

In the cage there must be a toilet tray, e.g. a corner toilet in which there are wooden pellets for rabbits. Place a hay hedge that the rabbit can reach directly from the toilet, as rabbits like to eat at the same time as they feed.

After a few days, you will hopefully find that the rabbit uses the toilet at least 9 out of 10 times, and then it is time to open the cage so that the rabbit can inspect the rest of the home. It will typically return to the cage to go to the toilet in the tray. However, be aware that accidents can happen at the beginning - especially for baby rabbits and young rabbits - this is completely normal.

If there is an accident outside the tray, the remains are moved into the tray to collect the smell from here and let the rabbit know that it is the toilet. Pee can be dried up with paper towels, which are placed in the tray. It is recommended to be consistent and to act as soon as you see that the rabbit has provided outside the tray, so that the accident does not repeat itself.

Some rabbits will choose a different corner as a toilet than where the toilet tray is located. Since rabbits are creatures of habit, the easiest solution in that case would be to add the rabbit and move the toilet tray to the desired corner.