Other rodent snacks

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Wooden tunnel w/ stuffing for rodents

89,95 DKK – 109,95 DKK
Wooden tunnel with stuffing for your rodent - naur tree - with carrot and peas - without added sugar 20 cm is recommended for smaller rodents such as hamsters and...

Rodent snacks, "oatmeal balls"

19,95 DKK
Delicious balls, look like oatmeal balls for confusion, but they are not ;) You can give up to one per day to rabbits and guinea pigs, hamsters, but don't have...

Dwarf hamster food Emotion® Beauty Selection 300g

29,00 DKK
- with delicious grains, healthy vegetables, fruity apple and tasty prawns Emotion® Beauty Selection combines optimal nutrition with delicious taste A delicious mixture with small bites, which covers all nutritional...

Corn on the cob 2 pcs, JR farm

29,95 DKK
Corn on the cob can be attached to the cage 2 pcs / 200gr

Treats, Drops, lactose-free for rabbits and rodents

19,95 DKK
Flavored Drops - Treats suitable for all rodents 75 g - 1-3 drops per day. Lactose-free Thanks to the completely sugar-free recipe, Drops with the healthy taste are ideal as...

Treats for rabbits & rodents, Crossys Crunchy cushions

19,95 DKK
Vitakraft's Crossy Crunchy Cushions are a crunchy square little treat cushion with delicious filling. A treat for your hamster, guinea pig and/or rabbit, as a reward or just for fun....

Fitbits, for the teeth - treats for all rabbits and rodents

44,95 DKK
Teeth grinding treat for all rabbits and rodents. Used as a snack and between meals. 500g

Peanuts, shelled

59,95 DKK – 169,95 DKK
Given as a feed supplement for wild birds and squirrels, but also for larger caged birds such as parakeets and parrots. Make sure the animals always have access to fresh...

Snack for rabbits & rodents, Pop & Corn

54,95 DKK29,95 DKK
This colorful and cheerful mix of easily digestible popcorn, wheat and spelled pops, tasty alfalfa and delicious cranberries is ideal for hand feeding. The snack has a low fat content...

Happy TEDDY - Snack for rabbits and rodents

19,95 DKK
Happy TEDDY A treat for your hamster, guinea pig and/or rabbit, as a reward or just for fun

Treats for rabbits & rodents, Crock, cushions with herbal filling

39,95 DKK
COMPLETE CROCK HERBS Well-balanced crisp pillows with soft herbal filling Perfect for rabbits and rodents The crispy shell satisfies the rodent instinct The soft herbal filling is enriched with vitamins...