Ear treatment dog

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B&B Ear care for dogs and cats

129,00 DKK
B&B Organic Earcare B&B Organic Ear Care can be used to care for healthy ears to keep them clean of wax and dirt. Shake before use Wet a cotton ball...

MalAcetic Aural Ear cleaner antibacterial and antifungal 118 ml

189,00 DKK169,00 DKK
MalAcetic Aural Ørerens Antibakteriel og svampedræbende ørerens. Velegnet til opretholdelse af et sundt miljø i ørerne, særligt velegnet til hunde, der bader. Key features Particularly suitable for dogs that bathe...

MalAcetic Shampoo naturally antibacterial and antifungal shampoo 230ml

149,00 DKK
MalAcetic Shampoo naturally antibacterial and antifungal shampoo 230ml A soap-free shampoo indicated for coat and skin conditions where the following properties will be beneficial to the patient: antifungal, antibacterial, bleaching...

MalAcetic SPRAY natural antibacterial and antifungal spray 230ml

149,00 DKK
MalAcetic natural antibacterial and antifungal Spray 230ml MalAcetic spray 230ml has natural, antibacterial and antifungal properties. For easy cleaning in hard-to-reach areas of dogs and cats that cannot be washed....

Pean / Ear tang

99,95 DKK
Pliers for plucking dog ear hair. Twist the hairs out instead of plucking them (as with tweezers)
12 cm ear pin

TrizAural Solution alkalizing antibacterial ear cleaner 118 ml

169,00 DKK149,00 DKK
TrizAural Ørerens Alkaliserende antibakteriel ørerens der er velegnet til brug inden behandling med antibiotika. Anvendes hvis der er påvist bakterier og svamp ved cytologi. Det er påvist at TrizAural forstærker...

DISCONTINUED MalAcetic naturally antibacterial and antifungal wet wipes

191,00 DKK
MalAcetic naturally antibacterial and antifungal wet wipes DISCONTINUED - But you can use their Spray on a cotton pad CLICK HERE MalAcetic wet wipes have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties....

Ear care wipes for dogs and cats

44,95 DKK
Ear care/Ear wipes for dogs, cats and other small animals With gentle cleansing and caring lotion Optimal for regular daily care and cleaning of ears Careful removal of dirt and...

Ear cleaner for dogs 100 ml

89,95 DKK
Moisturizing ear cleaner for dogs that carefully loosens dirt and earwax and relieves irritations in the ear. This will prevent itching that causes the dog to scratch and can lead...

Ear cleaner for dogs and cats with aloe vera, without alcohol

79,95 DKK
KW EARRENS H/KM/ ALOE VERA Ear cleaner for dogs and cats with sensitive ears. Removes earwax without burning or irritating. Instructions for use: Drip 5-10 drops of KW EAR CLEANER...

Ear cleaner for cats 50 ml

99,95 DKK
Cleansing and caring ear cleaner that gently loosens impurities. Irritations that cause the cat to scratch and that can lead to infections are counteracted. Instructions for use: 5-10 drops are...
You can find a large selection of ear care for dogs with us. It can, for example, be for cleaning the ear, which can combat ear mites and ear pincers.