Nervousness cat

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Feliway diffuser, prevents fear or stress-related reactions

269,00 DKK – 359,00 DKK
Feliway diffuser with bottle, 48 ml, Feliway Refill for diffuser, 48 ml

Zylkène, given for restlessness or nervousness (for dogs and cats)

279,00 DKK – 489,95 DKK
75 mg, 30 pcs, 225 mg, 30 pcs, 450 mg, 30 pcs

Calming for cats

Here you will find sedatives for your cat, both in the form of sprays and pills.

Can use tranquilizers to good advantage if your cat has anxious behavior that causes it to behave nervously.

Can also use tranquilizers to relieve your cat if it seems stressed in its behavior.