Guinea pig feed

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Brit complete guinea pig feed - Super Premium feed for guinea pigs

119,00 DKK
Brit Animals Guinea Pig Complete. Super Premium complete feed for guinea pigs. added extra vitamin C. Rich in fiber; low fat and calorie content. Contains milk thistle (Silybum marianum) to...

Guinea pig food LIFE Wellness from Vitakraft

44,95 DKK
LIFE Wellness contains neither grain, bran nor flour and is therefore ideal for feeding nutritionally sensitive guinea pigs . The beneficial one mixture with cranberries, cornflowers, meadow grass, alfalfa and parsley provides essential vitamins, extra vitamin C...

Guinea pig food Burgess Excel, for all ages, Mint

114,95 DKK – 389,00 DKK
A delicious, complementary food for guinea pigs that is high in fiber and rich in nutrients. Excel Tasty Nuggets prevent selective feeding, where the guinea pig chooses the sweet high...

Guinea pig food Burgess Excel, for all ages, blackcurrant

109,95 DKK – 389,00 DKK
Burgess Guinea pig nuggets with blackcurrant and oregano *Naturally high in beneficial fiber (36%) *Prevents selective eating *High levels of protected vitamin C *Contains a probiotic for better digestion. *...

Guinea pig feed, Vitaspecial. For guinea pigs of all ages

39,00 DKK
VITA®SPECIAL main food for guinea pigs All in one - each feed pellet contains all important vitamins, minerals, raw fibers and proteins. Thereby, feed selection that can cause deficiency diseases...

Feed for guinea pigs

A guinea pig needs a diet that is primarily based on hay and greens, as it must be able to keep its stomach going and at the same time it must not have a fatty diet or food with a lot of sugar in it. Your guinea pig cannot produce C on its own -vitamins and it is therefore very important to give your guinea pig vitamin C through the diet. Fortunately, it is not difficult, as at you will find a wide selection of guinea pig feed that ensures a guinea pig has the right diet and you can also find different nutritional supplements here at, which can ensure your guinea pig has the right nutrition.