Food bowls and drinking bottles for rodents

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Plastic drinking bottle for rodents and rabbits

19,95 DKK – 59,95 DKK
Plastic drinking bottle for rodents and rabbits. Several sizes This bottle is made of transparent plastic, which makes it easier to see if the bottle needs to be filled with...

Ceramic bowl for rodents

24,95 DKK – 59,95 DKK
Ceramic bowl for rodents Colour: terracotta -glazed on the inside - with rounded edge - prevents the feed from being wasted

Steel bowl with holder for the bird or rodent cage

24,95 DKK – 49,95 DKK
Steel bowl with holder for the bird or rodent cage - for parrots, budgies or rodents - for suspension - chrome-plated holder

Steel food bowl with holder

29,95 DKK – 44,95 DKK
Stainless steel food bowl with holder for parrots and budgies with screw mount so it stays hanging :) chrome-plated holder

Drinking bottle, glass with steel suspension

64,95 DKK – 84,95 DKK
With metal lid/straw. Bite-proof float allows easy control of water level. Secure attachment with tension spring/groove and steel wire. With ball valve

Drinking bottle with screw fitting

29,95 DKK – 44,95 DKK
Drinking bottle with screw fitting for rodents Asst. colors - with screw mount - is attached to the beams (plastic screw) / wall mounting - with ball valve - transparent...

Hanging baskets for birds and rodents

24,95 DKK
2 nice hangers for your bird or rodent. They measure 6.8 cm and 4.3 cm.

Honey & Hopper Ceramic bowl for rodents

44,95 DKK
Honey & Hopper Ceramic bowl Measurements: 250 ml / diameter 11 cm Asst. colors

Ceramic bowl with rabbit motif

49,95 DKK39,95 DKK
Cute little kemamix bowl with a rabbit motif, both inside and outside the bowl - so there's no doubt whose bowl it is ;-) Measurements: ø 11cm assistant colors

Bottle cleaner for rodent drinking bottles

54,95 DKK
Practical bottle cleaner for the rabbit's, guinea pig's and small rodents' drinking bottles. There's even a small brush hidden inside the handle for cleaning the bottle's mouthpiece

Ceramic bowl for hamster

29,95 DKK
Ceramic bowl for hamster Dimensions: 80 ml / ø 8 cm Asst. colors

Ceramic bowl with guinea pig motif

39,95 DKK
Ceramic bowl with motif Dimensions: Ø 11 cm Contents: 250 ml Asst. colors

Food bowl, Ceramic bowl for rabbits with cute motif

39,95 DKK
white ceramic bowl with cute carrot loving rabbit :-) Measurements: 300 ml / diameter 11 cm

Ceramic bowl for hamster

29,95 DKK
Ceramic hamster bowl 100 ml / ø 7.5 cm Colour: cream / blue

Hamster bowl with funny motif

29,95 DKK
Sweet, delicious ceramic hamster bowl 80 ml / Ø 8 cm, with a fun motif of a happy hamster in several colours/cream.

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of food bowls, drinking bottles and substrates for rodents. The feeding bowls are available in heavy ceramic for the bottom of the cage, so that the rodent does not accidentally knock it over, but you can also advantageously choose a bowl that can hang on the side of the cage in either stainless steel or plastic. These types of bowls are also easy to clean, as they can go in the dishwasher.

Drinking bottles for rodents should always hang on the cage and be provided with straws so that the drinking water stays clean during the day. Feel free to choose a bottle in clear plastic or glass, so it is easy to assess when it must be fulfilled.

Which food bowl should I choose for my rodent?

The most important function of the food bowl is to keep the food clean. Therefore, you should not serve food at the bottom of the cage; unless it is fruit or vegetables in an adequate amount that is eaten immediately. You can choose a ceramic food bowl that can be placed at the bottom of the cage, or you can choose a bowl in either stainless steel or plastic, which must be hung on the side of the cage. The latter two are too light materials to place in the bottom as your rodent will knock them over.

What you should choose depends on the type and size of your rodent. Rabbits and other larger rodents will typically enjoy a slightly larger ceramic food bowl that can stand at the bottom. This is because they don't like the whiskers touching the sides of the food bowl when they eat, and the food bowls that have to hang on the sides are typically not terribly large. Conversely, rodents can also become too small to be able to reach the bowls that must be mounted on the sides, if they e.g. is a mouse or a dwarf hamster.

Where should the food bowl be placed?

The most important thing is therefore that you choose a bowl that fits the size - and that you place it sufficiently low in the cage that the rodent can get to it without difficulty. It is also important to place it away from the water bottle so that the food does not get soaked in water, and that you choose the opposite corner of the "toilet corner", as rodents are generally clean animals that do not like to eat near where they provide.

Remember mineral or limestone

Feel free to place mineral or limestone next to the food bowl, so that the rodent has the opportunity to finish the meal by grinding its teeth and getting some important minerals - and so that it is clear where the mineral stone can be found in the cage. Mineral and limestone should be placed on the side of the cage and should never just be placed at the bottom of the cage.