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Infrared heat bulb

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Reflector Clamp Lamp

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At Us with pets you will find a large selection of products for reptiles such as lizards, snakes and turtles, including, for example, accessories for furnishing your terrarium; different light and heat sources, bottom materials, plants, stones, bowls and caves.

Tip: You should always try to mimic your reptile's natural environment as much as possible. It concerns both humidity, temperature, as well as the size and layout of your terrarium.

On this page you will find pretty much everything you need to look after and care for your reptile, we also have a lot of care instructions that you can read for inspiration.

The terrarium is essential for your reptile

A reptile is a rather delicate animal to keep and it generally requires effort to thrive. You should familiarize yourself with the fit, including what is recommended in relation to:

  • Terrarium design and size
  • Arrangement of the terrarium
  • Temperature and light

The above obviously depends on which reptile it is. Some need more space and more hiding places than others. What is common, however, is that the temperature plays a decisive role for both well-being and survival. Reptiles are cold-blooded animals, which means that their body temperature follows that of their surroundings, and reptiles generally cannot tolerate low temperatures. That is why it is important to have heat, which can be provided in the form of heat bulbs, heating mats or heating stones, all of which ensure heating of the terrarium and the animal's body.

Correct temperature

As mentioned, the temperature is crucial for your reptile, regardless of whether it is a snake, a turtle or a gecko. Get a digital thermometer so that it is easy and clear to keep the right temperature in the terrarium. How hot it should be depends on the species. Supplement the heat lamp/heat bulb with a heating stone or heating mat, so that the animal has the option of extra heat if needed. The humidity should generally also be high in the terrarium.

Bottom layer in the terrarium

One of the most important things when furnishing a terrarium is the ground cover on which the animal must move around. On the one hand, glass is not a natural element for reptiles to walk on, and on the other hand there should be a floor covering that can be changed at regular intervals to avoid bad smells and bacteria.

Some choose to use newspaper, as it is easy to change, but it is neither nice to look at nor natural for the animal to move in. Newspaper can, however, be an excellent solution at the bottom with natural ground cover such as pine bark, beech chips or sand on top, which to a much greater extent contributes to a natural environment – or coconut mulch, which also contributes to a moist indoor climate, which reptiles prefer.