Cat transport bags and boxes

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Dog blanket, Vet Bed w/rubber base - beige or grey

164,95 DKK – 259,95 DKK
100 X 75 cm, 50 x 75

Mat for Transport box Skudo

49,95 DKK – 99,95 DKK

At Us with pets, you will find a large selection of transport boxes and bags for cats, regardless of whether you need to transport your cat by bicycle, car or plane. On this page you will find ATA approved bags, bags that can be carried on the back, over the shoulder or as a trolley, transport cages and transport boxes in all sizes.

Regardless of your cat's breed and size, and regardless of your transport needs, you will be able to find exactly what you are missing on this page, so that your cat can be transported safely and securely from A to B.

Transport of rabbit

Most people will need to transport their rabbit at one point or another; it can be home from the breeder when you bring your baby rabbit home for the first time, but it can also be to the vet in case of illness, or a trip to a holiday home, where the rabbit must go.

It is important that the animal is exposed to as little stress as possible during transport. Most rodents will become stressed when the environment is not as they usually are. It is therefore important to get the rabbit used to its transport box in advance so that it can feel safe there. You do this by leaving it out front at home and filling it with treats at regular intervals so that the rabbit is lured in there. Maybe the rabbit will even use the transport box as a den - that's just an advantage. Get the rabbit used to the transport cage already from a young age, and also get it used to driving before it becomes absolutely necessary; such as. a trip to the vet in case of illness.

On the day of the transport itself, the journey must be made as pleasant as possible. Pack the car first and close the rabbit in the transport box last before you leave - and take it out of the car first when you arrive. Provide bottled water and possibly treats. Mount the transport box so that it cannot move while driving and thus frighten the rabbit; please use a harness. If necessary, leave the transport cage with one of the family members, who can talk to and reassure the rabbit during the trip.

Unless the rabbit is very comfortable driving, it is unlikely to eat and drink along the way. However, offer food and water if the trip is of longer duration. Also make sure that the rabbit is not in direct sunlight.

Can my rodent come on holiday?

Many people bring pets on holiday, including dogs in particular. But can you actually take your rabbit or guinea pig on holiday? Immediately there is no legal hint for this, and you will be able to bring most rodents across borders in the EU in both airplanes and cars - if the animal has a passport. But this is rarely advisable, as rodents will thrive best in their familiar surroundings. Therefore, you should leave your rodent at home in its safe cage instead.