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Cat tray w/ edge

69,95 DKK64,95 DKK

Cat litter box with bag

19,95 DKK
Cat litter

Cat toilet, open, Iriz

54,95 DKK – 74,95 DKK

Closed cat toilet, Nestor

219,95 DKK – 449,95 DKK
dimensions: 56 x 39 x 38.5 cm, dimensions: 66.5 x 48.5 x 46.5 cm (jumbo)

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of cat toilets, litter boxes and accessories such as filters, scoops and mats. A cat toilet is a necessity with a cat in the home, and with us you can find the right model and size for your particular cat, just as we have many different colors to choose from and odor-inhibiting accessories that stop odors from the litter box so that they do not reach out into the rest of the home.

We also have a large selection of cat litter and beads for the litter box - the cat litter is at least as important as the cat toilet.

Which cat litter should I choose?

There are many different cat litter boxes, as there are many different cats – and cats have different preferences; just like humans. Cats are creatures of habit, and therefore the best advice would be to use a litter box that is as similar as possible to the one the cat is already used to. If it is a kitten, or you don't know which litter box your cat previously used, it is typically an advantage to buy an open litter box, as most cats prefer it, since it is most reminiscent of the way they defecate in the wild.

Closed litter boxes of course give the cat privacy and reduce odor nuisance, but if the cat does not want to use a closed litter box, it may be an attempt to peel off the lid in the first place. However, cat litter can also play a role.

Accessories for the litter box

In addition to the litter box itself, you must have at least some cat litter and a shovel to remove debris. However, it may also be a good idea to have a rubber mat outside the litter box to remove the worst cat litter that might get stuck in the paws, and an odor-inhibiting filter to remove the worst smell.

Precisely because cats are creatures of habit, you should also use cat litter that the cat is used to. If you want to change, you should do it gradually by mixing a little of the new cat litter into the old, otherwise you risk the cat stopping using the litter box.

In addition to being creatures of habit, cats are also clean animals that typically do not want to litter in a dirty litter box. Therefore, it is important to remove debris several times a day and to change all the gravel 1-2 times a week. When you remove litter on a daily basis, it is an advantage to use a shovel with grooves or holes, so that the clean cat litter is not removed, and also to fill it with a bit of new cat litter, so that there is still plenty to dig in. As a rule, there should be a minimum 4-5 cm of cat litter in the litter box.