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At Us with pets, we sell a large selection of food brands for cats. Regardless of whether you are looking for cat food from Carnilove, Eukanuba, Hill's, Specific, Vitakraft or Gourmet, you can find it here on the site at the best prices on the market.

The cat's food is crucial for its well-being, which is why we only sell carefully selected cat food that is recommended by vets and is packed with healthy ingredients that contribute to a natural content of vitamins and minerals.

Tip: Choose a quality dry food and supplement with wet food once a day.

Cat food brand – what should I choose?

One thing is that you have to decide what flavor the feed should have, which age group the feed should be aimed at, and whether the feed should take special considerations into account (such as disease, obesity, grain-free content, etc.) – something quite another thing is that you also have to choose a feed brand.

Most food brands for cats offer different varieties that take the above into account. But what is the difference anyway, and is it an advantage to choose one over another? The simple answer is no. As with all products for animals and humans, there will always be a variety of manufacturers. The feed products sold here at Osmedkæ , all consist of quality feed from recognized and recommended feed manufacturers, which are recommended by vets across the country.

You can therefore simply choose to try yourself out, ask cat owners in your circle of friends, or you can consult with your vet, where you can possibly ask for feed samples from the various brands. Once you have found the food you and your cat prefer, you can order via Osmedkæ , which will typically be the cheapest place to buy quality food for your cat.

Change of feed

There is, of course, a difference in how delicate cats' stomachs are, but as a general rule it is important not to make a sudden change of feed - especially when it comes to kittens, who typically have a more delicate stomach than adult cats.

If you buy a kitten, it is recommended to continue with the food the kitten is used to for a month (until the kitten has settled into the new environment), and then gradually switch to the new food by mixing less and less of it old food in. In this way, the kitten's stomach slowly gets used to the new food, which may have different compositions of ingredients and nutrition than the old. If you are in doubt about how hardy your adult cat's stomach is, it is recommended to do it in the same way.

If necessary, read this article about changing food in cats