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At Us with pets you will find a large selection of dry food and wet food for cats from all the best manufacturers on the market. Quality food ensures that your cat gets the nutrition and vitamins it needs. That is why all our feed is carefully selected and recommended by veterinarians.

There is a big difference in cats' food needs, depending on their age, breed, activity level, whether they are indoor or outdoor cats, etc. Choose a quality food that suits your cat. You are also always welcome to contact us for guidance.

Which cat food should I choose?

The selection of cat food is enormous, and especially as a new cat owner it can therefore be difficult to see which cat food you should really choose for your particular cat. Should it be expensive or cheap? Should it be dry food or wet food? And does the label even have a meaning?

Most manufacturers offer a range of cat food for cats of different age groups. In addition, special products such as grain-free cat food, disease diets for cats, cat food for purebred cats and low-calorie cat food are often offered.

The age groups are typically divided into the following:

  • Food for kittens
  • Food for adult cats
  • Food for senior cats

First of all, you should therefore choose food based on your cat's stage in life. Next, choose a flavor. Here you will have to experiment a bit, as it is a matter of taste what your cat prefers. It can, for example, be chicken, lamb or fish. Finally, you must consider whether you have special wishes or needs in relation to the feed. If your cat is overweight, you should consider a low-calorie feed. If your cat is ill, you must have a special food that caters for the illness (preferably in consultation with your vet). If you prefer grain-free feed, that is also an option.

Dry food or wet food for cats?

There are divided opinions about dry food and wet food for cats, just as there are cats that prefer one over the other. The most important thing is that the food is as close to the cat's natural food as possible, which means that it contains predominantly meat and vegetables. In cheap feed, there will be a lot of cereal products as filling. It's cheap, but without nutrition. In addition, minerals and vitamins in powder form will be added to meet the cat's needs. It is of course preferable that the content of vitamins and minerals comes from "real" food such as meat and vegetables.

Most people prefer to have dry food standing in front of the cat, as the dry food can easily stay out in a bowl for many hours. In addition, it is recommended to supplement with wet food once a day. The wet food is more reminiscent of the cat's natural food, and many cats really like the taste and texture of wet food. Kittens in particular should be offered wet food every day – and preferably several times a day in small portions.