Cat harnesses and collars

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At Us with pets you will find a large selection of cat leashes, harnesses and collars in many sizes, colors and designs. All leashes and harnesses are of course carefully selected in terms of safety and quality, so you can be sure to choose a proper product for your pet.

Although it is not legally required to wear a collar for cats, it is still recommended to attach identification to the cat in the form of a cat tag, so that you as the owner are easy to get in touch with in the event of an accident or if your cat strays too far away from home.

Which collar should I choose for my cat?

It is not a legal requirement for a cat to wear a collar and cat tag, nor for it to be chipped or ear tagged - but it should. Many cats stray away from their homes every day; either because they are outdoor cats that roam, or because they are indoor cats that are accidentally let out. Unfortunately, many cats are also run down in this context, and if the cat is neither chipped nor wearing a cat tag, it will be next to impossible to inform the cat owners about the incident - or to help the cat back to its place of residence.

Your cat can easily learn to walk with a collar; like a dog. It is recommended to teach it from a kitten, so that it is not something the adult cat suddenly has to get used to. In addition, you must ensure that the collar is not too loose, so that the cat can get stuck or get a paw pinched, but it must also not be too tight, so that it can rub the cat's neck.

If you do not wish to let your cat wear a collar, you should have it chipped or ear tagged so that it can be identified by consulting a vet.

Which cat leash and harness should I choose for my cat?

Indoor cats also need to get outside and be stimulated and experience. If you live in an apartment where you cannot let the cat out directly (because you live at a height, for example), or where the cat cannot find its way back home by itself (due to closed doors and stairwells, for example), you can it may be necessary to ventilate your cat with a harness and leash.

Cat harnesses and leashes are very similar to leashes for dogs and are available e.g. like flexiline, which gives your cat greater freedom of movement. You should choose a harness that fits both around the neck and stomach to distribute the pressure. If your cat normally wears a collar, this should be replaced with a harness for walks.

Get your cat used to walks from the time it is a kitten. It can be intimidating for an adult cat to be suddenly locked in with a harness; although it is not impossible to teach it. The easiest solution, however, is to teach a kitten to be aired, as it is more curious and does not let itself be held back by new initiatives in the same way that adult cats can tend to.