Cat limb, Sureflap

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Sureflap cat collar with chip - in 2 different sizes with chip in white

999,00 DKK – 1.299,95 DKK
171 mm x 166 mm (for normal size cats & small dogs), 207mm x 234mm (for large cats & small dogs)

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect Cat Flap and Dog Flap - With App Option!

1.299,00 DKK – 1.399,00 DKK
165 mm x 171 mm (for normal size cats & small dogs), 207mm x 234mm (for large cats & small dogs)

Tunnel for Sureflap Cat and dog door t.chip white

94,95 DKK – 134,95 DKK
for large cat member, for small "Cat Flap"

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of cat collars in different sizes and designs. With a cat limb, your cat can easily enter and leave the home as it sees fit; even when it is alone at home. This gives the cat more freedom and also allows it to be alone at home for longer periods of time.

Cat leashes are available for installation in both walls and doors, and you can get cat leashes with a chip for the cat's collar, so that uninvited guests cannot enter the house via the leash.

Which cat limb should I choose?

A cat litter is in many cases a good solution if you live in a house. That way, you don't have to let the cat in and out during the day, and the cat is also free to come and go as it sees fit; also at night and when it is alone at home.

When you have to choose a cat litter, you must partly consider where you want the litter to be mounted, and in addition you must assess the risk of uninvited guests in the form of e.g. strange cats. You can get both cat flaps for installation in doors and walls, and you can get cat flaps with a chip, so that only your cat with a chip in the collar has access to open the flap.

Finally, make sure you choose the right size cat limb. It goes without saying that a cat limb will allow traction to one extent or another, and therefore the limb should not be larger than necessary, but conversely the cat should not have problems crawling through the cat limb either.

How do I get my cat to use the cat litter?

Cats are creatures of habit. This means that it can be a challenge to get your adult cat to start using a cat litter if it has never used a cat litter before. The easiest thing is to fit a cat collar and teach your kitten to use it, as kittens are more curious and unreserved than adult cats.

The fact that it will be a challenge to get an adult cat to use a cat limb does not mean that it is impossible; just that it will require patience. Your cat must partly learn the function of the cat limb, and partly that the limb is not dangerous. Lure the cat through the limb using toys or treats. Never pressure the cat to move through the limb, as in that case it may become afraid of it, but help show the function and do it repeatedly a day - every day. And then give the cat time.