Cat toys

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At Us with pets you will find a large selection of cat toys for your cat. The cat toys help your cat to stay in shape, and they are good tools for both stimulation and entertainment. Choose cat toys that your cat can enjoy when alone, and cat toys that you can enjoy together.

We have e.g. teasing glove, teasing stick, soap bubbles, toy mouse and cat toys for installation in window. It is recommended to buy a few different toys that can be switched between, and to choose something that the cat can use alone and something that will be used in the company of you.

Which cat toy should I choose for my cat?

There is a big difference in what cats think is funny. Basically, the cat is biologically a hunting animal, and therefore most cats will like to maintain their hunting gene. It can, for example, is done via a teasing stick or teasing glove, or something else where the cat has to chase something. The hunting gene can also be stimulated when the cat is alone, as you can get toys that can be fixed with a suction cup on a window, so that the cat can sneak up on and "attack" its prey.

Precisely because cats are hunting animals, it can also be an advantage to have toys that simulate a victim in a slightly more natural way, such as a retractable mouse.

Food balls for cats

Dogs really enjoy food balls, but this actually also applies to many cats. Here, of course, you must choose a smaller ball that fits the size of the cat and the size of the food. The cat is both stimulated and entertained by having to fight a little more for its food or alternatively for some delicious treats. Especially playful kittens and young cats will enjoy this type of toy.

Lure the cat to a toy or scratching post

Some cats need a bit of persuasion before they dare to try a new toy or new equipment, e.g. a scratching post. However, it may be necessary to replace the well-known one regularly as it wears out, which is why you can advantageously buy "Catnip", which is a spray that cats are attracted to. Spray it on toys, the new den or the scratching post and you will soon see an effect. When the effect of the scent wears off, your cat will probably have gotten used to the new thing and will thus have no problems using and enjoying it.

Male cats in particular find the scent of Catnip irresistible. Please note, however, that the product must not be used for kittens under 6 months of age - kittens, however, will typically not be as reluctant to new things as older cats, and they are also more playful by nature and will therefore take to toys more quickly of pure curiosity.