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Scratch wall board, Danish durable quality

149,90 DKK – 179,95 DKK
small - 12 x 60 cm, wide - 17 x 60 cm

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of scratching posts in different sizes and designs with play and sleeping areas. A scratching post is indispensable for a cat owner, as cats need the whistling of claws, which is exactly what the scratching post is designed for. That way you also get rid of ugly scratch marks on furniture and window frames.

We have, among other things, scratching posts for wall mounting, small scratching posts and scratching posts with den and toys. So there is something for every cat, and also scratching posts in sizes with room for several cats.

Why do cats need scratching posts?

By nature, cats are equipped with claws that need to be sharpened. The hissing of the claws sharpens them and deposits scent marks, and it is thus a completely biological thing that cats hiss their claws. If there is no scratching post available, the cat will find an alternative such as the sofa or the door frame, and few cat owners approve of that.

In the wild, cats typically sharpen their claws on trees. If we are talking about outdoor cats, it is therefore not certain that a scratching post is necessary. However, you should keep an eye on whether the cat chooses a door frame instead, as this may be the case. In that case, you should offer a scratching post.

Which scratching post should I choose?

The most important function of the scratching post is of course the hissing of claws, and you can therefore easily choose a small and simple scratching post with only that purpose. Scratching posts, however, are often a combination piece of furniture that, in addition to the whistling of claws, provides the opportunity to sleep or relax, to play and to climb. Especially if it is an indoor cat that does not have the opportunity to crawl and climb outside, it is recommended to have a larger scratching post where the cat can spread out.

Precisely because cats like to sharpen their claws, and also leave scent marks in this way, it can be an advantage to have several scratching posts; especially if there are several cats in the home or if the home is particularly large. If necessary, choose one large scratching post at a good height with platforms and holes and supplement with scratching mats or smaller wall-mounted scratching posts in other rooms.

Choose a scratching post that is suitable in size and robustness for your cat. If it is a small domestic cat, you will be able to use most scratching posts without problems, but if it is a large purebred cat, you should choose a larger and more robust scratching post that can support the cat's weight and where there is space for the cat to sleep or relax.

Make sure that the scratching post is stable so that the cat does not knock it over. Optionally, choose to attach it to the ceiling or wall.