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Smart soft carde with dapper

49,95 DKK – 84,95 DKK
Small 6 x 14 cm, Between 8 x 14 cm, Large 11 x 14 cm

At Us with pets you will find everything in food and equipment for your cat. You can easily and conveniently order food, cat litter, toys, caves and other equipment directly to your address. Our prices are very competitive and we stand for quality. That is why all our many products are carefully selected so that you and your cat get the best selection.

The right food is crucial for your cat's well-being and development and can e.g. have an impact on the coat's shine and dental hygiene. It is therefore important to choose a food that suits your cat's breed and age. The same applies to cat treats.

You got a cat

Either you recently got a small, cute kitten or maybe an older cat that needed a new home. It may also happen in the near future. But what do you really need? What is necessary now and here, and what can you possibly wait for?

Cat litter and cat litter

If it is an adult cat, it is probably already clean, and it is therefore important that it has a place to settle as soon as it arrives at its new home. Ask the boarding school or the previous owner if the cat is used to an open or closed litter box and what cat litter is usually in the box. The most optimal thing for your cat will be for everything to be as close to normal as possible. If you want to pick up a brand new kitten, you are welcome. If necessary, buy a closed litter box where the upper part can be removed, so that your kitten can initially be carried to the tray when it is about to deliver somewhere else. Later you can train to use the tray in a closed form to reduce odor nuisance.

Cat food

Kittens should be given canned cat food at first. Once they are eating without problems, they can be slowly switched to dry kitten food that is initially softened in water. Be sure to offer both types of food until you are sure that your kitten is able to eat the dry food. If it is an older cat, you should buy cat food according to breed and age. Royal Canin produces quality food for cats of all ages and breeds.

Scratching board

To prevent your cat from whistling its claws on the sofa or door frame, it should have a scratching post or scratching board available. The cat has a natural need to sharpen its claws as it marks territory. In addition, the outermost part of the claws is renewed periodically to stay sharp, which is why hissing is necessary to get rid of the broken off claws.

Other equipment

Cat food, litter box with gravel and scratching post are the most important equipment for your cat when you get it home. In addition, you should consider purchasing the following:

- Feeding bowl
- Treats
- Toys
- Hollow
- Care product and brush
- Leash, harness and collar
- Flea and tick remedy

The above depends on the breed and age of your cat and the need for e.g. grooming, playing or being aired.