Plenty of delicious treats for your rabbit or rodent from JR Farm

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JR farm, hay house with carrot

44,95 DKK – 114,95 DKK
JR Hay House carrot - Sleep, eat, hide, climb or gnaw anything is possible for rodents with the hay house. Naturally made from 100% natural material without synthetic material. The...

HøTunnel - edible rodent toy 3 sizes

34,95 DKK – 99,95 DKK
JR FARM Hay Tunnel ALL rodents and rabbits will love to gnaw and hide in this fragrant hay tunnel with hay from the Alps. It is also good for smaller rodents...

Rodent snacks from JR farm snack hearts

24,95 DKK
JR FARM HEART SMALL MIX 200GR JR FARM small hearts Crispy little hearts with natural lucerne and beetroot. Feeding recommendations: Depending on the size of the animal, up to 3 teaspoons...

Dried small insects in a bucket for reptiles, as well as hamsters, mice and rats etc.

74,95 DKK
Protein-rich feed mix for reptiles & small rodents ideal supplement for live feed - also a good feed mix for hamsters, mice and rats, mixed in rodent mixes to supply...

Carrot Rod Rod for rodents

29,95 DKK24,95 DKK
JR FARM Gnawing Carrot Fun, gnawing delight with delicious carrots suspended. With lots of vitamins! Feeding recommendations: 1-2 carrots per A week is sufficient depending on the size of the animal. Supplementary feed for...

Fun-Park from JR Farm, delicious edible food bowl!

104,95 DKK
Fun-Park from JR Farm, delicious edible food bowl! Awaken your animal's primal instincts. Rodents and pygmy rabbits cheat their food out in their natural environment, even in the ground. Therefore, you...

Rodent snacks from JR farm snack balls

24,95 DKK
JR FARM MARBLE 70GR JR FARM Rodent Marlbles are colorful, round and crunchy. Orange: carrot. Red: beetroot. Green: alfalfa. Yellow: corn. Supplementary food for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, mice and chinchillas. Ingredients: Corn,...

Corn on the cob 2 pcs, JR farm

29,95 DKK
Corn on the cob can be attached to the cage 2 pcs / 200gr

Rodent snacks from JR farm, Wellness dried vegetables & nuts

54,95 DKK
JR FARM WELLNESS GR VEGETABLES 600GR JR FARM Wellness Vegetables Easy to digest vegetable flakes for animal welfare. Carefully cooked and rich in vitamins. Feeding recommendations: up to 3 teaspoons per day,...

Waffle with herb filling

39,95 DKK
JR FARM Waffle 60GR Crispy waffle filled with a tasty herb mix. Delicious treat for hanging. Food for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, degus, mice and chinchillas. Ingredients: Waffle...

JR farm wooden edible hay ball, activity for your rodent

84,95 DKK
JR FARM Willow Hay Ball - This ball is made of natural willow wood and filled with hay and marigolds. Your pet will love the contents and rolling, chasing and gnawing. Feeding recommendation:...

JR farm snack bell with dandelion for rodents

39,95 DKK
JR FARM with Dandelion 125GR JR FARM Hay Bell with Dandelion contains a lot of dandelion, which has coarse fibers that provide important claws for rodents. It lasts a long time due...

Rodent snack from JR Farm - Huge delicious fully edible "Lag cake"

79,95 DKK
JR FARM SMALL ANIMAL CAKE 200GR Surprise your pet with this tasty cake! Filled with aromatic herbs (lid is removable) covered with vitamin-rich carrots and crunchy coconut flakes. Carefully decorated with grain-free...

JR FARM baby fruits

29,95 DKK24,95 DKK
JR FARM Fruitys is a colorful, delicious treat for all rodents. Energetic and easy to digest! Supplementary feed for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and mice. Ingredients: Maize, wheat,...

JR farm XXL Grain-free rodent bars, treats for your rodent 450g

84,95 DKK
JR FARM Grainless Farmys XXL 450 GR Tasty baked grain-free Farmys is free of grains and sugary ingredients. Composition: Pea flakes, grass seeds, canary seed seeds, nettles, buckwheat, parsley, carrots,...

JR Farm is made with love and consideration, both for your rabbit or rodent, but also for the environment and here at Us with pets you will find many different kinds of snacks and good mixes from JR FARM, which your guinea pig, rabbit or other rodent will love to sink their teeth into.

Whether you have a rabbit or another rodent, it loves to have something new and exciting to gnaw on, and here at Us with Pets we are very keen to change out and get something new from JR Farm, which has a large and wide range, for your rabbit or rodent, which will certainly bring joy. But look around and we're sure you'll find something good that you think will be most popular with your pet.

Hay snacks for rodents from JR Farm

If you haven't tried giving your rabbit or guinea pig one of the many different hay houses that JR Farm makes, then you should definitely try it, as it is both a fun and delicious gift for your rabbit or rodent who wants enjoy crawling in and out of the little house, all the while getting gnawed less and less.

But JR farm also has lots of other exciting types of hay snacks, here we are talking about everything from rodent bowls, fruit bowls, balls and much, much more. So there are plenty of opportunities to enrich the little rodent's life with some good, edible things that are a little different from the usual hay.

Worth knowing!

At least 80-85% of a rabbit's or guinea pig's diet must consist of hay. Hay is packed with fibre, which is really good for the rodent's stomach and intestines. In addition, hay is good for the teeth, so it is the perfect basic diet.

You can find several different types of good hay in our range.

JR Farm for your rodent Take a look at this page if you would like to spice up your rodent's diet with a little extra from JR Farm.

You can find a little bit of everything, so there's a good chance that your rodent's future favorite snack will be found right here. The quality is top notch from JR Farm, so you won't go wrong in town, regardless of which variant you choose to order.