Intelligence training & Intelligence toys for dogs

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We offer products that can increase your dog's intelligence and general abilities. There are several different products that can improve your dog's intelligence with us.

Intelligence training & Intelligence toys for dogs

Is a must for many dogs who need their senses challenged. The food bowl Pulse from Northmade is king of them all, as it continues to challenge and never becomes too easy, as the "game" is never the same and therefore constantly demands the dog.

The food bowl from pulse does several things, it challenges your dog on several levels and it can be used both as pure training, but also for dogs that have to be alone at home.

When it comes to intelligence training, it works on dogs where Intelligence training is completely new, for dogs that have been doing it for a long time. Since you can set the difficulty by turning off the sound, light or both. You can also put it together with several food bowls from pulse, in fact up to 10 food bowls, so the dog does not know which food bowl is active, this means the dog will have to check several food bowls after each bite and it is Intelligence training that will something, after which the dog will be stimulated and ready for a little nap :-)

Intelligence game for dogs

Yes, intelligence games are also an option and it is really good intelligence training to have an intelligence game. Nina Ottosen has made several intelligence games and is known for her quality, plus they are available in several different degrees of difficulty - so there is always a new challenge to pick up with intelligence games from Nina Ottosen.