Indoor cages for rodents

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Ferplast Ferret and ferret cage Furat XL

1.955,94 DKK1.699,00 DKK
Ferplast Ferret and ferret cage Furat XL Super delicious cage for ferrets and ferrets - which is called Furet XL from Ferplast is a ferret and ferret cage with a...

Ferplast Gym - extension of hamster cage Dimensions: 32.3 x 23 x H 26.3 cm.

245,00 DKK199,00 DKK
Ferplast Gym for building a hamster cage Yes, a hamster needs a lot of space and this extension is perfect as an intermediate station between several hamster cages. Dimensions: 32.3...

Ferplast Rabbit and guinea pig cage KROLIK 120 x 60 x 50 cm

723,00 DKK
Ferplast Rabbit and guinea pig cage KROLIK 120 x 60 x 50 cm Super nice cage for rabbits and guinea pigs - which is called KROLIK XL and is from...

Rodent cage, Habitat XL

1.399,95 DKK1.199,00 DKK
Habitat XL Dimensions: 70 x 37 x 56 cm Colour: Navy blue - Hamsters, mice, gerbils - Extra large cage - the fixed bottom makes it possible to create a...

Hamster cage "Bristol"

749,00 DKK
Bristol hamster cage. The best thing about this cage is the huge front door, which makes it easy for children to get in to their hamster. incl. accessories L59 x...

Hamster cage large 80x50x50cm, Sky Metro

999,00 DKK
Hamster Sky Metro - spacious hamster cage - incl. accessories cage in nice colors (navy blue) contains activities for hamsters long tunnel on top of the cage L80 x W50...

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of indoor cages for rodents. Choose e.g. a hamster cage or a rabbit cage with a starter kit, so you have everything you need to get started as a rabbit owner easily and quickly.

The cage is the most important accessory when you become the owner of a rabbit or other rodent, so make sure you choose the right one. Choose based on the size of the rodent and how many rodents should possibly be in the cage. Good space is preferable.

Which rabbit cage should I choose?

When you buy a rabbit, it is important to choose the right rabbit cage. The cage will be your rabbit's primary home, and therefore it must have a good size and an equally good interior. The size is of course not as important if the rabbit only has to stay in the cage when it is alone at home, and otherwise has access to all or parts of the home - or if it is out in the run during the day.

You must therefore think in combinations when choosing a cage. Should the cage be the rabbit's only residence? Will it get out of the cage on a daily basis; be allowed to run around the living room, walk on a leash or have access to move in a running yard or maybe even freely in a fenced garden? The latter is of course preferable, so that the rabbit has the opportunity to get fresh air and to move more naturally than a cage allows.

It is also possible to let the rabbit live in an outdoor cage during the summer and move it into an indoor cage when the frost hits. Depending on the breed and what the rabbit has been used to in the past, it is recommended that pet rabbits at least come inside and live indoors during the coldest months.

Furnishing of an indoor cage for rodents

The design of the cage is at least as important as the choice. A large cage is preferable for most rodents, but where chinchillas need a large cage in height, smaller rodents that do not jump and crawl upwards will benefit much more from a larger cage in length.

At a minimum, the cage should be filled with bedding and a den or bunk, depending on the rodent. In addition, there is a food bowl and drinking bottle, as well as the important mineral stone, which partly gives the rodent the important and necessary minerals, and partly helps to grind the teeth, which in rodents grow throughout their life.

Most caged rodents will also need entertainment and activation to avoid being understimulated. They get that either from conspecifics or activity toys, which can be bought in many guises. It can, for example, be in the form of feed balls, ladders, bells or swings. What you should fill the cage with depends on your particular rodent and how often you have it outside the cage to entertain and activate. Feel free to buy some different toys that you switch between so that there is some novelty value.